At GH, Spinelli describes the disaster that was the christening to Ellie. She's sorry it was difficult for him and tries to figure out Brad's motives. Ellie remembers Brad wanted to make things right and thinks maybe he has. Spinelli can't protect them anymore, now he can claim his daughter and be a father. He recognizes Maxie doesn't want to hurt Lulu and Dante, but knows she wants her baby back.

At home, Lulu shares her disturbing dream with Dante of a nurse handing her empty blankets at the hospital. Dante considers they will lose Connie. Brad's announcement didn't change anything for Lulu. Maxie and Spinelli said they could keep Connie and that's what she wants them to do. Dante believes everything they said was out of guilt. Maxie and Spinelli are attached to their baby and may have reconsidered. They should be prepared that Maxie may not do right by them. Lulu knows how to ensure Maxie won't get her hands on Connie.

On Cassadine Island, Robin records the status of her work for Jerry, adding that it is day 289 and the little girl inside her is thinking her mom is coming to save her. She wonders what her family is doing and if they are thinking of her. Jerry interrupts, turning off the video that should be an incentive, not a distraction. She should cure him or lose her husband and daughter to Sabrina. The cure's coming – science takes time. He gives his word he won't kill her when he's cured. He leaves the lab and Robin accidently sees the end of the Nurses' Ball where Britt announces her pregnancy. Outside Jerry's surprised by Obrecht. She introduces the crying baby as Cesar. Jerry's angry that she's brought so much attention to herself by kidnapping her grandson. Obrecht can handle Anna and is there to see Robin. She enters the lab and offers Robin a roommate. Robin is not interested in being a babysitter but Obrecht thinks she might, knowing that the father of the baby is Patrick. She nods to the laptop screen and identifies Britt as her daughter, the mother of Patrick's child. Robin doesn't believe her. It doesn't make any sense to Robin. She's curious how involved Britt is involved in Obrecht's plan. Obrect finds her question absurd. ['GH' preempted at 2:48 PM EST until the end of the show during national news alert.]

At Kelly's, Felicia gives Emma an Aztec ring and they joke about the size. Emma tries to put it on Patrick and asks where his wedding ring is. He doesn't need it to remind him of Robin since he sees her every day in Emma. Maxie joins them, curious about what they're discussing. Mac says, "Robin." Maxie shares her memories of Robin with Emma before asking to speak with Mac and Felicia alone. Privately, Sabrina hopes Patrick thinks he did the right thing. He believes it's the best way to honor Robin, and then asks if she's heard from Carlos. Sabrina thinks Carlos got the message and moved on. They're interrupted when Sabrina receives flowers. Outside, Maxie confesses that she and Spinelli are Connie's parents. They understand how difficult it's been and are sorry she's had to deal with it alone. Maxie admits confiding her secret with Frisco and swearing him to secrecy. They question why she and Spinelli aren't getting ready to take care of Connie. She considers Dante and Lulu. Mac thinks they are probably coming to the same conclusions.

Nikolas and Britt check in at Anna's office for word on Ben and Obrecht. Obrecht left on a plane to whereabouts unknown. Anna's certain Obrecht's not working alone and has powerful help. She assumes it's Faison but he hasn't had any contact with others in months. Anna inquires if Ben's father has been informed of the kidnapping. Britt doesn't believe the father will be contacted for ransom; he has no money. Nikolas does and will do whatever it takes to help. Britt can't stop crying and Anna remembers Robin's kidnapping when she was little. She will bring Britt's baby back to her. Nikolas consoles Britt outside.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Duke is certain he can prove to Alexis that Derek is Julian Jerome.

Anna receives surprising news.

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