At GH, Nikolas, Derek, Alexis and Sam wait for word from Dr. Clay about Derek being Danny's donor. They're impatient when he arrives. Silas ran every test twice to be thorough and they're good to go. Sam hugs him as he announces Derek is a viable donor. Alone with Derek, Sam wishes there was something she could do for what he's able to do for Danny. He only wants her to do two things. He wants her to take care of Danny and to let him be her friend. Alexis returns to see them hugging. Later, Sam reminds Silas how her son would not be alive without him. She pulls back from a hug and kisses him. Spinelli wonders if Maxie really thought she could just give their baby to Lulu and Dante without consequence. The Falconeris arrive thinking they know what the argument between them is about. They confess learning about Maxie trying to breastfeed their baby from the nurse. Maxie admits to acting like the baby's mother for good reason. They threaten to keep her out of their daughter's life but Maxie refuses to let them do that. Lulu doesn't want to, especially since she needs Maxie more than ever now. She confesses Luke is sick. Spinelli tells them they're right, Maxie needs to take a step back from their family. He will be there to support Maxie. The Falconeri's leave. Maxie cries wondering why Spinelli didn't tell them. He didn't for the same reason she didn't, the baby isn't theirs after she set up this fantasy for Lulu.

Morgan realizes he's found the gun everyone is looking for when he bends over to pick up his phone outside of the cabin. He lets Kiki know when she arrives that he's calling the police. She stops him, thinking he might not want to do that because of Michael. Morgan doesn't care. Michael is better with AJ behind bars.

At PCPD, Diane coaches AJ on how to answer questions. Outside with Anna, Michael's certain AJ could not have done this. She needs to follow the evidence and she can't let AJ go. Diane interrupts, thinking Anna can and will let AJ go because they've got nothing on him. Anna's certain she has the evidence she needs and leaves for the Quartermaine's. Alone with AJ, Diane asks if he remembers firing the gun. He only remembers being in Connie's office.

Anna arrives with officers at the cabin and requests ballistics be run. She wants Morgan and Kiki to give statements and apologizes for not getting a statement from Kiki earlier at the station. Morgan's surprised and asks why she was at the station. She confesses she did know she was going to the station when she left him earlier. She wanted to check on Michael. Morgan reminds her she's his wife and she might want to start acting like it.

At Wyndemere, Britt exclaims the baby is not Patrick's. He and his family can go live happily ever after. He reminds her she's been convincing everyone otherwise but now when he threatens custody he's not the father. He wants her to make him believe it and asks, "Who's the father?" She didn't have to sleep with anyone, the sperm donor is Brad Cooper. He gets angrier trying to figure out how she could do what she's done. Nikolas comes in threatening to break Patrick's hands to end his days as a surgeon if he doesn't let go of Britt. Alone, Nikolas wants to know what's going on between Patrick and Britt.

Back at GH, Brad wonders if he's finally caught Felix's eye when Felix chases him down in the hall. Felix wants to know what Brad knows about Britt's baby. Brad's angry that he's just a means to an end for Felix. He wants to help if he and Felix could speak hypothetically about being boyfriends. He's in love with Felix. Felix thinks it's a crush, like he had with Milo. Brad thinks they should try to be alone, together. Felix is fearful of his feelings. Brad makes him think that it's not regret he's feeling and is about to kiss Felix when Patrick pulls him away and punches him.

Back at PCPD, Anna arrests AJ having found out that AJ's fingerprints were on the gun.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt tries to explain herself to Nikolas.

Patrick tells Brad that Britt told him everything.

Olivia doesn't want Morgan to make a mistake with his brother.

Alexis sees Derek in his briefs.

Kiki asks Michael if he thinks Morgan set up AJ.

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