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Ava interrupts Kiki and Morgan at the cabin arguing about what happened to Franco. Kiki can't stand the sight of her and wants her to leave. Ava wants them to know the cops were there searching for a murder weapon and explains what happened. Morgan is worried about Sonny but becomes upset when Kiki worries for Michael's sake over AJ being a suspect. Ava wants a word alone with Morgan after Kiki leaves to see Franco. She's upset he didn't contact her before the wedding. He admits panicking after the news story broke. She promises his marriage is safe unless she decides to tell the truth. Later, Morgan leaves the cabin while leaving a message for Sonny that he's on his way. He sees a gun on the ground when he drops his phone.

At PCPD, AJ tells Michael he remembers taking Tracy's gun out of the safe. He believes he did it. Michael advises him to wait for Diane. He shouldn't admit to anything. AJ disagrees and wants to speak to Anna to confess. Diane arrives. Overhearing their conversation, she's certain that is the last thing he should do is use the 'c' word. She asks Michael about the only words that should be said to law enforcement and is ecstatic that he's remembered her advice. AJ is adamant about confessing because he remembers taking the gun. Diane wants to know if he remembers shooting Connie. Diane asks Michael to wait outside before questioning AJ further. Alone, he confides he remembers going to see Connie. Bits and pieces are coming back to him. He was angry and wanted Connie to pay so he threatened her with the gun. Diane asks if he pulled the trigger. Diane thinks if he can't remember pulling the trigger and the PCPD doesn't have a weapon, their case is presumptuous against him. It is her job to find another reason why Connie wrote his initials in blood. Outside, Kiki arrives and hugs Michael. He's worried about AJ.

Dante hugs Lulu at GH. They have a lot to tell each other. He explains there's a media blackout on the shooting. She cries learning that Connie is the victim and remembers her first day on the job at Crimson. In the baby's room, Maxie's caught trying to pick the baby up. She responds that she's the baby's mother when asked. The nurse offers to help her breastfeed the baby. Spinelli interrupts. Worried about what Maxie is doing, he returns the baby and takes Maxie to her room. The nurse is confused when Lulu and Dante come in upset that she fed the baby already and explains what happened with Maxie. Alone in Maxie's room, she asks Spinelli not to tell Dante and Lulu that she tried to nurse their baby. He questions her about the baby not being theirs. It is beyond his capacity to understand why she's done this to him, and Lulu and Dante.

At Wyndemere, Britt warns Patrick that he's making a big mistake when he threatens to call his lawyer. She confesses the baby isn't his son. Patrick is set on filing for sole custody when she blurts out, "You're not the baby's father." He wonders about the paternity test that she used to prove the baby was his. Britt admits her mother is responsible for switching the results. The truth comes out about Obrecht's involvement.

Monday's show will be preempted due to the Labor Day holiday. Check out Tuesday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante tells Maxie they need to keep her out of their daughter's life.

Anna can't let AJ go, but Diane knows she can and she will.

Morgan believes Michael's better with AJ behind bars, but Kiki's not so sure.

Alexis asks Silas if Derrick has the go-ahead.

Patrick wants a name from Britt.

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