Tracy calls Luke from the Quartermaine's to share the good news. She's distraught thinking he's dead. From the patio Luke thinks she should know better than to make assumptions. He's a man of his word and came back for Lulu. She's glad to hear of the baby's arrival but rejects his congratulations on taking over ELQ. She's mad knowing he's been alive ignoring her messages. Since he's there she believes he found the cure. Luke hasn't and the clock is ticking. If he wants to see the baby's first birthday he has to hit the road but he didn't want to leave without seeing her first. They kiss.

Britt wakes up at Wyndemere and asks Nikolas if he's Batman after seeing the place. He admits he has a butler named Alfred. She thanks him for his help since things with Patrick are complicated. He's happy to help a friend, no matter what Elizabeth or others think about her. He chooses to trust her if she honors that trust by telling the truth. She agrees. She didn't help her mother poison Duke but admits wanting to help her mother get away since she's always looked out for her, especially when it came to the baby. Lulu calls to announce Nikolas is an uncle again. Britt's happy for him and sends him to the hospital. Alone, she looks at Nikolas' family albums. She trusts him and almost told him the truth about Patrick not being the baby's father.

At GH, Lulu encourages Laura to invite Scott to visit the grandbaby. She'd be happy to if she knew where he was. A few moments later he's waiting outside. Laura's upset at not hearing back from him. He notes that she ran off with her ex, so he ran off with his. Scott admits it was business related. She's done helping Luke and is one hundred percent in her marriage. He doesn't believe she is and neither is he. He wants a divorce. She did everything for Lulu, besides; she and Luke don't fit anymore. Scott doesn't believe they do either. He's not enough for her and he's letting her go. He plans on staying in Port Charles as the DA. Luke arrives to see their tearful separation. She's okay and ignores a call from her doctor in Paris for her wellness visit. He reminds her it's important. Lulu overhears and sees Laura wiping tears away. She wants to know what's going on. Laura only mentions about her wellness visit and decides to make travel arrangements. Alone with Luke, Lulu asks if he was ever going to mention he was dying. She needs him to keep showing up. He's not going to make any promises. Nearby, Sabrina and Patrick are greeted with Felix's news that Britt's in jail. Patrick realizes Obrecht has been working with Faison but he's more upset at Felix's eagerness to celebrate since his child is at risk. Felix apologizes and Sabrina supports Patrick's decision to help Britt. Alone, Sabrina admits if Patrick wasn't there she would have high-fived him but this is not the way she wants to get even with Britt. Elsewhere, Michael stops by to tell Elizabeth about AJ. Elizabeth doesn't believe AJ could be responsible for murder. Michael shares how Connie indicated his involvement after Sonny found her. She asks Michael if he thinks AJ did this. Michael only remembers how angry AJ was at Connie. Elizabeth remembers AJ threatening Connie too. Later, Nikolas finds her crying. She tells him about Connie and AJ.

At the PCPD, Anna asks AJ, "Did you murder Connie Falconer?" Dante makes noise to aggravate AJ's hangover before showing him photos of Connie dead at Crimson. AJ vomits. He doesn't remember anything. He knows Tracy owns a gun that she keeps locked up in a safe. Anna thinks he should cooperate. He pauses remembering opening the safe. She asks him if he cares to share. He'll wait for his attorney. Alone he remembers taking the gun out of the safe and says, "I did it." Outside, Anna answers Patrick's questions about Britt. Anna lets him know Nikolas paid her bail when Patrick becomes worried about her giving birth in jail.

Tracy wonders what kind of trouble AJ is trying to get her into when Dante arrives at the Quartermaine's looking for her gun. She's surprised to find it missing when she opens the safe.

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Maxie has a plan.

Britt may have to worry about a custody issue if Patrick gets his way.

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