AJ arrives drunk at the Quartermaine's. Michael believes he knows what happened. AJ tells him he doesn't. Michael asks about what AJ got out of the safe and where he went. AJ's too drunk and passes out. Ava comes in and isn't surprised that AJ's passed out after seeing him knocking them down at the Floating Rib while complaining about Connie. Julian calls and wants to see her. She leaves, thankful for Michael's sake that AJ got home safely without hurting himself or anyone else. As AJ wakes up, Michael promises they can rebuild what he lost. He leaves to get coffee and AJ sees the open safe.

At GH, Spinelli tells Lulu and Dante that he and Ellie are fighting about his baby. He pauses before explaining he was fighting with Ellie over the baby he hopes to have one day. Dante asks Spinelli to take it somewhere else. He sadly listens to Lulu telling Ellie not to rule out having a baby someday. Alone, Ellie wonders why Spinelli didn't tell them the truth. He couldn't smash their hearts into pieces. She questions whether he intends to hide the truth forever. He thinks the truth should have come out when she found out. Ellie cries about how scared she was because she loved him and asks for his forgiveness. He can't look at her, much less forgive her. Elsewhere, Mac bumps into Dante and Lulu and explains what happened to Maxie after surgery. Lulu admits thinking Maxie may have been getting attached to the baby. Dante gets called away to a shooting that Sonny called in. Alone with Lulu, Mac adds that Maxie thinks Spinelli is the father. Lulu's confused and worried. She offers to stay but Mac promises to let her know if there are any changes. She finds Spinelli outside the baby's room. They both agree she's so beautiful. In the hall, Sam hugs Silas over finding a donor when she runs into him. He's surprised to hear Derrick Wells is the donor match. In the elevator, Olivia sees blood spilling in all over the floor. The doors open and she sees Connie bleeding on the floor. She begs a nurse for help but the nurse only sees Olivia on the floor. Nearby, Alexis thinks Derrick looks like he's seen a ghost as she's in the middle of telling her story about the night she spent with Sam's father. He just remembered something and is about to tell Alexis more when they hear Olivia's cries for help. Olivia knows something happened to Connie. Alexis tries to calm her down. When they can't reach Sonny or Connie, Alexis offers to drive her to Crimson. Meanwhile, Ava meets Derrick and learns he's Danny's grandfather. Ava thinks the story is vague but Derrick remembers the night. Sam approaches Derrick and Ava to introduce Silas. Sam asks if Derrick's changed his mind. There's something different in the way he's looking at her. He apologizes for staring and is just glad he can help her son. Sam's thankful and hugs him before going to see Danny with Silas. Ava warns Derrick that he can't get close to Sam or it will expose that he's Julian Jerome.

At Crimson, Sonny finds Connie lying in a pool of blood. She knew he'd come. He wants her to hold on. She reaches out to him. She never stopped loving him. Sonny wants to know who did this. Connie makes an attempt to mark something out on the floor in her blood. Sonny returns to her side and begs her not to go. As he reaches for her hands, he sees the letters AJ written in her blood and remembers AJ threatening Connie. Olivia becomes hysterical when she arrives with Alexis and they're stopped by two officers. Alexis knows Connie's gone and Dante holds Olivia back to keep her from the crime scene. Dante asks where Sonny is and Alexis warns Dante to be careful. Sonny doesn't handle grief well. An officer thinks Sonny went after the shooter. He shows Dante where Connie tried to identify her assailant.

Back at the Quartermaine's, AJ wakes up when Sonny kicks his foot and accuses him of killing Connie. Sonny points a gun at AJ ready to kill him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki lets Carly know that Franco's missing.

Franco's on the roof of the hospital.

Lulu tells Spinelli about Maxie claiming he's the father.

Michael learns that Dante needs to speak to AJ about a murder.

Olivia hopes AJ's getting what he deserves.

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