AJ interrupts Connie at Crimson as she's about to call Sonny. She asks what he's doing there and he responds, "What do you think?" She sees the gun and points out that he's drunk. He explains it's because of her. She can't print a story like that and believe he'll just slink away. Connie dials Sonny while AJ's distracted. The phone connects but Sonny can't hear her arguing with AJ. AJ hears Sonny and disconnects the phone. He jokes that Sonny won't be able to save her. Connie wants AJ to consider Michael. AJ believes everything he heard from Sonny, Michael and Connie in his earlier vision and is there to prove her wrong. He will get payback. He points the gun at her while she begs him to stop.

At the Quartermaine's, Kiki bumps into Michael who's looking for AJ. She's looking for Franco who's missing too. Michael sees the safe open and searches it. Kiki gets what Franco and AJ are going through knowing they both think they've lost everything. Michael's mentioning how he misses her as her phone rings. She needs to meet Morgan. Michael stops her and asks if she believes Morgan. She does. Morgan's been good to her and she has to be good to him too. Alone, Michael's leaving AJ a message when he stumbles in drunk.

At GH, Olivia screams in the elevator when she sees the puppy on a poster with the text, 'I Want My Mommy!' She tells Sonny it's the wolf-puppy she thought Maxie was going to give birth to. She presses the buttons on the elevator in a hurry to get back to the baby and the elevator stops without the doors opening. Sonny receives a call from Connie but can't hear her. He mentions he's stuck in an elevator but will be there soon. He hangs up and bangs on the doors knowing he'll lose it if he doesn't get out. Olivia calms him and holds him close. He's feeling better because of her. She asks him not to say anything. He says she's one hell of a woman and the elevator opens. Elsewhere, alone with the baby, Dante thinks the name Jacqueline reminds him of Spinelli. Lulu knows a name that won't work, Georgie. He wonders if Maxie will be a problem if she's attached to the baby. Lulu thinks Maxie will move on. Outside with Spinelli, Ellie confesses the baby is his. He thinks she's metaphorically speaking but she corrects him. The baby is biologically his. He inquires about what Ellie told him before about a new embryo being implanted. Ellie confirms that Maxie was already pregnant from their night together. He looks excitedly through the window at his baby with Dante and Lulu. Ellie explains Maxie and Dr. Westbourne were the only two who knew. Spinelli adds, "And apparently you." He's angry and wants an explanation. She didn't want to lose him. Dante and Lulu step out to see what they're arguing about. Spinelli says it's about the baby. Nearby the doctor explains to Mac and Felicia that Maxie hemorrhaged but will recover. What she did for her friends was truly heroic. Mac and Felicia go in to see Maxie. When she wakes up she asks where Georgie is and tells them she was there. They explain what happened to her. Maxie remembers wanting to get back to her baby. Felicia and Mac think she's confused. She yells that they don't understand, the baby is hers and Spinelli's. The doctor administers a sedative. Elsewhere, Derrick/Julian asks Sam and Alexis what the odds are that he'd be a donor match. It's one in 50,000. He's amazed and admits he felt guilty for not running the donor drive as the front page story and that's why he got tested. Alexis wonders if he intends to go through with it. He's happy to help but is hesitant for this outcome to make the front page news like they suggest. Alexis hugs him. He jokes that Danny may pick up some of his hobbies and requests Sam call him Derrick instead of Mr. Wells. Sam leaves to find Dr. Clay. Alexis shares their story about testing everyone in the family except Sam's father. He's surprised the father wouldn't want to be tested. Alexis gets personal and shares her story about getting pregnant with Sam. It was in New Hampshire and the father's name is Julian. He remembers the night. Later back in the elevator, Olivia sees blood pooling into the elevator.

Sonny arrives at Crimson and finds Connie shot in her office.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael tries to catch AJ from falling.

Lulu wonders what Mac is not telling them.

Spinelli argues with Ellie about hurting Dante and Lulu.

Julian mentions to Ava that he's Danny's grandfather.

Sonny tells Connie to hold on.

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