At home, Elizabeth remembers AJ's harsh words about her being responsible for Jake's death. She blames her tears on allergies when Cameron finds her crying and promises to feel better for their date. Cameron jokes he's too young so her date will be AJ. She doesn't think AJ will be up for a date. Later Michael arrives looking for AJ. Elizabeth admits finding him at the bottom of a glass of vodka. Michael leaves and hopes Elizabeth will give AJ another chance.

At the Quartermaine's, AJ has a bottle of booze in one hand and a gun in another. He thinks Michael's there with him. Michael asks, "What's with the gun?" AJ claims it's a family heirloom. Michael thinks he's had a lot to drink and wants it. AJ needs it but won't tell Michael why. Michael tells AJ to open his mouth, pull the trigger, and end his miserable life. AJ's surprised by what he hears and starts arguing with Michael. A vision of Sonny joins Michael and they remind AJ that Sonny is Michael's father. AJ's promising to get ELQ back when a vision of Connie reminds him he lost. AJ sees Connie escorting Michael and Sonny out after belittling him. Later, Michael arrives and finds an empty bottle of vodka on the floor.

At Crimson, Connie overhears Derrick leaving a message for Ava. She asks him who Julian is when she hears him use his real name. He admits he was calling Ava about an artist named Julian. Connie's there to ask for Derrick's help with Sonny. He's not too keen but agrees to go to GH and set things straight about his part in printing the story. Alone, Connie snoops on Derrick's computer and wonders why he's interested in Sonny's business. She remembers something Sonny said about Julian Jerome and is about to call Sonny when AJ arrives with a gun.

At GH, Mac jokes about Sonny being a grandpa before the grandparents rush off to see their grandbaby. Alexis and Sam congratulate Mac and Felicia on their wedding while waiting for word on Maxie's recovery. They soon receive word that a match has been found. In delivery, Dante and Lulu excitedly hold the baby before going to the NICU. The grandparents are waiting outside with cigars when they come out. They joke about Olivia's dog visions and catch up on Luke's travels which he lies about. After celebrating, Sonny's approached by Derrick who apologizes for printing the news story against Connie's wishes. He thinks Sonny should hold onto a woman like that. Before leaving he hears the good news that a donor for Danny is found and asks Alexis and Sam how soon the transplant will take place. They let him know that it's up to him since he's the donor. Leaving in the elevator, Sonny confesses Derrick gives him the creeps. Olivia's distracted when she sees the dog again. Meanwhile, Spinelli waves fondly at Maxie from the viewing area before leaving. Suddenly, she takes a turn for the worse. From behind the nurses and doctor Maxie's spirit walks around pestering them for a wheelchair. She hears the alarms and considers the girl on the table needs more attention than her. Thinking the girl looks familiar she approaches the bed and realizes the girl is her. She calls out to Lulu and Dante for help and asks a nurse why she's not helping the rest of them. Her sister Georgie takes off the mask. She's there to help Maxie, not the doctor, and tells Maxie she needs to fight to live. Maxie thinks this might be for the best. She's the only one who knows the truth; she can die leaving the baby to Dante and Lulu. Georgie reminds her she's not the only one and takes her to see Ellie with Spinelli in the hall. Ellie catches Spinelli outside and is surprised to learn Maxie wanted to tell him something before surgery. Ellie admits she might know what Maxie was going to tell him. She confides Maxie was lying before getting called away by Brad. Maxie thinks it won't come out, even if she dies, but Georgie thinks her dying would destroy Spinelli. Maxie believes he'll be just fine but then Georgie points out Mac and Felicia nearby and asks, "What about them?" Felicia's worried about losing Maxie. Maxie and Georgie continue until they find Spinelli holding the baby. He's at a loss for words and is surprised he thinks the baby looks like Maxie. He's eager to go find her and leaves Dante and Lulu alone. They consider naming the baby Jacqueline. Outside Ellie tells Spinelli the baby is his. Back in surgery, Georgie begs Maxie not to leave their parents. Georgie kisses them goodbye. Felicia asks if Mac felt something.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis wonders if Derrick is going to go through with being a donor.

Something reminds Dante of Spinelli.

Spinelli asks Ellie why she would lie to him.

Mac and Felicia get word about Maxie.

AJ threatens Connie.

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