Michael wants to know what's going on when he interrupts Carly and Morgan at the Quartermaine's. Morgan snaps that Kiki's visiting Franco. Michael's more worried about AJ, hoping to stop him before he does something stupid. Carly hopes for Michael's sake AJ hasn't fallen off the wagon. While Michael searches the house for AJ, Morgan says he's happy his father's not a drunk. Carly's upset at how indifferent Morgan is to Michael's feelings. She cares about both him and Michael and it matters to her if AJ is drinking. She cares about if he's lying to his brother as well and hopes he'll make it right if he is. Michael returns unable to find AJ. Morgan wishes him luck and disappoints Carly when he's ready to go meet Kiki instead of finishing their conversation. Carly joins Michael in his search for AJ.

At the Floating Rib, AJ asks the bartender for one good reason why he shouldn't drink himself into oblivion. Elizabeth arrives and asks, "Why not me?" She thinks he's had enough when he orders another drink but he's just getting started. She reminds him he may think he lost a lot when he lost ELQ but he still has her. It didn't look that way to him when he saw her hugging Nikolas. She reminds AJ she chose him and it's important that right now he choose her. She doesn't care about his job or money; she'll take care of him. He quips, "Like you took care of Jake?" She slaps him then admits he's right, it's on her and what he does next is on him. She leaves him without his car keys telling him to grab a cab.

At GH, Kiki apologizes for not being Franco's biological daughter. He doesn't believe her but Ava comes in and confirms it's true. Kiki gets angry. They both want Ava to explain why she lied. She had her reasons but Kiki's certain it's always been about making a buck. She doesn't need Ava anymore and plans that she and her new husband will keep far away from Ava. Ava's surprised to hear they're married already. Franco congratulates her before she leaves. Alone with Ava, Franco thinks Ava better hope he is a changed man, because if he's not, he's going to take his crazy out on her. Outside, Kiki's happy to see Morgan and runs into his arms crying. Ava interrupts to tell Kiki how much she loves her and how she expects Morgan to take care of her. Kiki goes to see Franco before leaving and finds him missing. In Maxie's room, Felicia, Mac and Spinelli try to keep Maxie calm after she learns she's having an emergency c-section. Maxie's eager to tell Spinelli something but she's pulled away to surgery. Mac and Felicia wait while Spinelli paces wishing he was with Maxie. In delivery, Dante looks on from the viewing area and whispers his love to Lulu who's with Maxie. Lulu reminds Maxie how strong and unstoppable she is. Maxie sees Spinelli join Dante. Meanwhile, Laura worries about Luke's health and promises they will both find Jerry. Later Sonny joins Luke. Luke is not one to ask for favors but hopes that Sonny will keep Lulu and their grandchild safe from their enemies. Sonny gives his word to protect them with his life as long as he runs Port Charles. Elsewhere, Olivia voices her concern for Luke while they wait. Back in delivery, Maxie delivers her baby. Lulu holds her hand while she cuts the cord as Dante and Spinelli look on. Spinelli pushes Dante telling him to go see his baby. Later, Dante announces the baby's arrival to family, then goes to hold the baby. After Spinelli waves to Maxie and departs the viewing area a nurse announces, "She's crashing."

At ELQ, Tracy's not one to give relationship advice, knowing that she always winds up with men who hurt her. Connie remembers Joe Scully but Tracy admits she wasn't referring to him. Connie thinks she should get Luke out of her life if he's not right for her anymore. Tracy's certain the decision may have already been made for her, Luke's dying. She's upset Luke went off on his own and that Laura went after him. She'll love him no matter how much of a liar, cheat and thief he is. Connie admits she'll love Sonny as much as well. Tracy thinks as Sonny's first love she shouldn't count herself out. She wishes her luck but advises her to steer clear of AJ. She should watch her back.

At the Quartermaine's, AJ drinks from a bottle and tells a photo of Edward he was right about him. He thinks about what he will do next and gets a gun from the wall safe.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia knows Sonny has to talk to Connie.

Connie asks Derrick, "Who's Julian?"

Sam waits for word on the DNA testing.

Michael tells AJ to open his mouth and pull the trigger.

Maxie has a complication.

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