Elizabeth stops by ELQ looking for AJ. Tracy's certain he's out drowning his sorrows. Elizabeth notices smashed glass on the floor and Tracy confirms it was his doing. Annoyed at how much Tracy's enjoying this, Elizabeth notes that at least AJ has people that care about him and doubts Tracy can say the same. Alone, Tracy stares at a jar of pickle relish. When Connie arrives she agrees her story belongs in the trash when she sees Tracy throwing away the newspaper in the broken frame. Tracy's surprised she's not celebrating. Connie confesses it cost her relationship with Sonny. Every time she tries to talk to him her cousin gets in the way and now they're waiting together for their grandchild. She can't compete with a baby.

Michael beats a punching bag at the apartment while thinking about Kiki and Morgan. Carly asks him what's going on when she arrives thinking he'd be happy about Kiki not being a Q. Michael realizes she doesn't know that Morgan and Kiki are married. She's sorry to see Morgan make the same mistakes she did and will put an end to it before more damage is done. Later, Elizabeth comes looking for AJ and leaves.

Kiki promises to test Morgan's blender prowess on their 'phonymoon' at home if he'll answer one question, "Did he know she and Michael weren't cousins before he married her?" He lies, swearing on their vows, that he had no idea they weren't. He asks her if she'd known would she have married him anyway. She made a vow and wouldn't leave him. He notices she's not happy and she reminds him about all that has happened before going to see Franco. Carly finds Morgan alone and begs him to tell her the truth so she can help him make it right. Michael shows up before Morgan answers her.

AJ orders a double-vodka at the Floating Rib. Ava comes over and downs the drink. She really needed it and orders another. He thinks she'd be happy, but she has her own troubles now that everyone knows Kiki's not a Q. AJ can't figure why she'd tell Kiki that Franco was her father over Silas, but Ava had her reasons. AJ mentions that Carly had her reasons for doing similar. Ava doesn't think it's the same. AJ's frustration over what Connie did to him continues and he finishes off Ava's drink. He orders them both another as she considers that someone should ruin Connie's life like she did theirs. AJ thinks maybe someone will. He wants to take charge and take action as does she, but she advises drinking isn't going to help. AJ finishes off both of their drinks when she leaves and tells the bartender to keep the doubles coming. He tells AJ to slow down. AJ asks for one thing that should make him stop. Elizabeth arrives and puts her hand on his.

At GH, Franco is ready to save Danny's life. Silas break the news to him that he can't be the donor. Franco's disappointed. He wanted to help and make things right with Kiki. Silas is silent as Franco reflects on being left out of Kiki's life. He's about to tell Franco that Kiki's not his daughter when she arrives. Franco explains Silas said he couldn't help Danny. He's okay that she's not calling him dad. She asks Silas to leave and tells Franco to stop going on about being her father, he's not. Later when Ava arrives, Silas explains he thinks Kiki is telling Franco the truth. In maternity, the doctor tells Maxie, Dante and Lulu that there's a problem with the baby's heart rate. Maxie yells out, "She got that from me." Lulu tries to calm her and explain that there is no genetic connection. The doctor explains it's because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Meanwhile nearby, Sonny and Olivia congratulate Felicia and Mac on their wedding and they return the favor over Morgan and Kiki's nuptials. Sonny's surprised as Felicia remembers how charming Morgan was trying to hide the news story from her on her special day. Spinelli arrives to check on Maxie as Sonny is about to leave. Before he can, Dante comes out with the doctor who explains the situation. Inside, Maxie tells Lulu she doesn't have to worry. They're interrupted when Spinelli comes in. Lulu tells him he's just in time, Maxie was asking for him. When Dante returns an alarm goes off and Spinelli wonders what's wrong. The doctor announces the baby has to come out now.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael needs to stop AJ before he does something stupid.

Elizabeth thinks AJ's had enough, but he's just getting started.

Tracy advises Connie to watch her back.

Kiki and Franco wonder why Ava would do something.

Maxie needs to tell Spinelli something.

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