At the Floating Rib, Maxie announces her water broke. Ellie reminds Spinelli the birth is about Maxie, Lulu and Dante when he believes they should rush to the hospital. He reluctantly wishes Maxie good luck as she leaves. Alone over wedding cake, Ellie regrets keeping her secret. After he thanks her for reminding him he has nothing to do with Maxie's baby, Ellie asks him what if he did? He finds the question imponderable as she rambles about needing to give him children so she can forgive herself. When called to the hospital by Brad, Ellie encourages Spinelli to go check on Maxie.

Tracy asks AJ if he's enjoying his last moments in his office and gives him a box to pack up his personal belongings. Security is ready to escort him out when she's through with him. AJ remains silent as Tracy continues to taunt him by hanging a framed cover of Connie's front page news story. He rips it from the wall and smashes it on the desk before stomping at it on the floor.

Britt points out she's pregnant as Anna and Dante drag her into interrogation at PCPD. She admits lying about when she last saw her mother but is sticking to the story that she knows nothing, her mother came and went. Dante's interrupted by Lulu's emergency text. Britt wishes him good luck when he excuses himself for the birth of his baby. Alone, Britt pleads with Anna to let her go but Anna makes her listen to what Obrecht has done to her family. They're just weird coincidences to Britt and she thinks she's of no use to Anna. Anna will keep her as long as it takes, even if she has to deliver her grandson herself. Britt asks for her one phone call.

At GH, Nikolas and Elizabeth wish there was more they could do for Danny. He appreciates her help despite dealing with AJ's problems. Elizabeth admits AJ was blindsided and recounts how he went after Connie. AJ arrives and sees Nikolas hugging Elizabeth. He rushes off and Elizabeth follows. In maternity, Dante meets up with Lulu and Maxie. As contractions start, Lulu leaves Laura a message while Dante calls Olivia. They're both confused when Maxie thinks Spinelli should be there. Suddenly the doctor believes there is a problem.

Outside Sonny's office Connie overhears Olivia tell Sonny they made a mistake allowing Connie back into his life. They hear a sound and find Connie at the door. She admits being there long enough to hear them. Olivia believes it's a private conversation and none of Connie's business. She thinks it is and asks Sonny to tell her if he concurs with Olivia that he shouldn't have given her a chance. Sonny wants to get back to his discussion with Olivia but Connie refuses to leave, upset that Olivia finds her unworthy of him.

In PA, Obrecht confides with Holly that Robert is in the predicament he's in because he knew too much about 'her.' She offers to let Holly know who she's referring to under one condition. Holly doesn't think she can believe anything she'd tell her so Obrecht offers a chance for her to hear it from Robert. Holly knows Robert is in no condition to speak but Obrecht can fix that. Meanwhile, Luke maneuvers through the hidden walls then down into a basement area before finding Laura tied up. He wonders why she's there. Laura knows, Tracy didn't rat him out, she confesses she just knew something was wrong. She's eager for them to find Jerry so they can get home before Lulu becomes a mother. Luke thinks that won't be happening since Jerry's dead. Laura announces Obrecht lied; Jerry's the one who tied her up and left her there. She's certain Jerry was keeping someone else there. Luke's impressed with the basement laboratory and considers if Jerry is alive than Obrecht must have the answers. Laura wonders where they can find her when Luke surprises her with the news that she's upstairs. When the make it upstairs, they find Holly unconscious. She wakes up surprised that Obrecht is gone and that Luke found Laura instead of Jerry. After Laura checks her messages and announces Lulu's baby's coming. Holly promises to stay on Obrecht's trail for Luke so he can keep his promise to Lulu.

Nikolas asks Anna if handcuffs are necessary when he arrives at the PCPD. Britt thanks him for coming; she had no one else to call.

Alone at ELQ, Tracy talks to Edward's photo. When Elizabeth arrives looking for AJ, Tracy guesses he's out drowning his sorrows.

AJ walks into the Floating Rib and orders a drink.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco tells Silas he's a problem.

Michael lets Carly know Morgan's married.

Felicia announces to Sonny that she and Mac aren't the only newlyweds.

Tracy's surprised Sonny dumped Connie.

AJ argues with Ava about Connie.

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