At the Floating Rib, the wedding guests are surprised when an unexpected guest arrives in the middle of the ceremony. Emma asks Patrick if it's the same man while Felicia tells Mac she won't let him ruin their wedding. Richard Simmons asks Lucy if she really thought she'd never see him again and asks for a kiss. Lucy threatens to give him a kiss with her fist. Maxie wants him and his tragic accessories to leave. Spinelli politely requests him to leave and Mac offers to remove him not so politely. Lucy screams he has a gun when Richard announces having a little something for them. He pulls out a confetti gun and shoots while laughing. Emma says, "This party's bananas." He's about to be carried away and is worried about Lucy's threats of Ferncliff with no disco. Felicia speaks on Richard's behalf and he's allowed to stay. Richard has come in peace and gets teary-eyed; he's there to apologize. Maxie wants him to speed it up. He confesses he was on a juice fast with a celebrity friend. He gets on his knee and begs for Lucy's forgiveness. She gives it. Maxie moves the wedding along and Mac and Felicia exchange vows. Lucy declares them man and wife and they kiss. Later, Maxie’s water broke.

Connie visits Kevin at GH to talk about messing up with Sonny. He wonders if she's trying to sabotage her relationship. She admits she's given Sonny another chance with Olivia after printing the story against his wishes. Kevin probes Sonny’s reasons for choosing her over Olivia and advises her to trust her relationship and work it out.

Olivia visit's Sonny at his office and voices her worries about AJ going after Connie and Sonny going after AJ. She wants details on whether she needs to break AJ's hands or take them completely off. Sonny gives her the details and she realizes AJ may be responsible for getting Sonny and Connie back together. He denies the relationship is out of trouble. She tries to leave, upset. She thinks they could have been something until Connie snapped her fingers. Sonny couldn’t have imagined this would happen but Olivia scoffs at that considering how much turmoil has surrounded them. Olivia regrets not fighting for Sonny. She made a mistake walking out and he made a mistake letting her. Connie overhears from outside.

Anna and Dante break into Felix and Sabrina's apartment when no one unlocks the chain. From the couch Britt raises her arms in the air and screams, "Don't shoot!" She's angry they busted down the door looking for a little old lady. Anna assures Britt that her mother is no little old lady and is wanted for the attempted murder of Duke Lavery. Britt thinks Anna is mistaken about her facts. Anna produces a picture and Britt confirms that it’s her mom but insists she hasn’t seen her. Anna informs her the clinic Obrecht ran in Switzerland was a front for Faison. Anna threatens to arrest her, pregnant or not and Britt agrees to help. She flashes back to her last moments with her mom, promising to keep her secret. She follows Obrecht’s instructions and tells them her mom came to visit yesterday and left, nothing else. Dante is confused and shows her the propofol bottle he found. Anna has Dante read Britt her rights. Britt tells them they will regret this – her mother won’t stand for it. Anna is counting on it.

In Corinth, PA, Holly wonders who's responsible for the hidden chamber. Luke quips it must be Jerry Jacks in the conservatory with the cure. He's ready to shoot the lock on the door when Holly pulls a pin from her hair to show him how the professionals do it. While arguing over if it's the right hairpin when Luke can't get it opened, a humming voice can be heard approaching them. Luke points his gun as the perpetrator enters and introduces her to Holly as the mad doctor Liesel Obrecht. Holly goes after her for what she did to Robert. Luke stops her and tells Obrecht to quickly explain why she's come to Jerry's hideaway. Obrecht asks Luke how she can be affiliate with Jerry Jacks if he's dead. Luke assumes Obrecht has been getting help from Faison. She insists Faison is a visionary they can’t comprehend. Obrecht realizes Luke needs the radiation cure and informs him she failed curing Jerry. He’s dead and she burned the body. She blames Anna and Robert’s meddling for making her abandon her research. Luke doesn’t believe it – he thinks Jerry is behind the door. She warns him that some doors are not meant to be opened. Luke goes anyway. Alone, Obrecht tells Holly she had no choice but to silence Robert – he knew too much. Holly wonders about what. Meanwhile, Luke hears someone.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Connie asks Sonny if he would rather be with Olivia than her.

Liz tells Nikolas about AJ’s threat toward Connie.

Anna hopes to flush Obrecht out.

Luke is shocked.

Obrecht has info for Holly.

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