At the Floating Rib, Lulu confides with Dante that Maxie is calling their baby 'Georgie' and may be getting attached. Nearby, Felicia thinks she and Mac should postpone the wedding. Maxie disagrees since they know Duke is okay. Kevin and Lucy arrive surprised to hear the wedding is a go. Mac's still hesitant but Maxie thinks she can fix the Duke problem. Lulu tries to talk to her about the baby before she leaves but Maxie blows her off. Later, Lulu confesses to Felicia how she believes Maxie is thinking about the baby as her own.

At Patrick's, Sabrina breaks the news to him that everything Britt told him about her mother is a lie. She mentions Britt's mom lost her license for some unsavory practices. Patrick isn't comfortable snooping around but Sabrina's thinks he should know who she is if she will be in his son's life. She shows him a picture and he realizes he knows the woman. He remembers she was interested in Robin when he bumped into her at the airport. They wonder why she never mentioned she was Britt's mother. Sabrina's certain she had something to do with the baby reveal at the Nurses Ball.

At GH, Anna thinks Duke's confused when he claims Obrecht drugged him. He's confident that she's in Port Charles. Anna's eager to bring her to justice in her jurisdiction. Duke begs her to be careful out there; Obrecht is a force to be reckoned with. Outside, Spinelli announces to Felix that Britt's mother's name is Obrecht. Felix starts to believe what Britt said about her mother being a mad scientist and her father being an international terrorist. Anna steps out to call Dante and Spinelli overhears her request to find Obrecht. Both he and Felix interrupt and offer to help. Spinelli shows her a photo as Felix identifies her as Britt's mother. He gives Anna his apartment keys before she rushes off to question Britt. Meanwhile Maxie comes by to ask Duke to be best man. He can't, but believes there should be a wedding. Later, Felix visits Duke. He's surprised at what he's learned about Britt's mom and doesn't know if Britt is directly involved. If she is he's hoping they both get what they deserve.

Following a struggle for her mother's bag at the apartment, Britt asks her what she's done when she finds the propofol. Obrecht snaps it's none of her business but Britt realizes the vile is empty and knows she's responsible for Duke's hospitalization. Obrecht quips she's done worse as she recounts her participation in an $88 M project and remembers pushing Robin around in a wheelchair. She promises to tell Britt everything but she'll be just as culpable. Before she can identify what loose ends she tied up for Faison, Anna yells out to Britt to unchain the door. Obrecht's angry and Britt wonders what they should do as Dante yells that he's going to break down the door.

Back at the Floating Rib, Maxie arrives announcing there will be a wedding with Kevin as best man and her as maid of honor. Kevin's gone so Maxie ropes Spinelli into it and Mac agrees to it. Lucy calls Patrick with the news while Maxie and Felicia get ready. [Show preempted for local news from 2:45 PM – 2:50 PM EST.] Later, the Floating Rib is decorated for a wedding. Emma throws flowers and Maxie follows. Felicia comes out to Here Comes The Bride and joins Mac in front of Lucy. The ceremony begins and the wedding party and guests are surprised when someone arrives unexpectedly during Lucy's invitation to 'speak now or forever hold your peace.'

Armed with guns, Holly and Luke sweep a house they believe is Jerry Jacks' base of operations. Holly worries when Luke becomes winded. He wonders if the drug Sean gave him was a placebo. They try to figure out why Jerry would be hiding in this small town in Pennsylvania. Luke begins to think it makes sense when he remembers the Loving Murders that happened there. Holly finds a photo of the murderer, Gwyneth Alden who killed her family. Later, Luke is out of breath after sweeping the house again. He accidentally finds a large hutch covered with a sheet when he doubles over in pain back in the living room alone. Holly calls out that she found something and enters with a wheelchair. Luke notes it's more modern than when the house had people living in it. They think someone could still be there. On a hunch they move the hutch and find a door. Luke kicks the door open.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt yells, "Don't shoot!"

Connie speaks to Kevin about Sonny and Olivia.

Olivia tells Sonny they both should have fought.

Felicia refuses to let someone ruin their wedding.

Luke and Holly are not alone.

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