At Sabrina's, Dr. Obrecht reads the headline 'Dead Again…?' with great disappointment for the fact that Anna and Duke's drinks were switched. She's hoping he'll die before he wakes when Britt wakes up. Obrecht's certain no one will notice her because of Duke's troubles. Britt wonders if her mother had something to do with it. Obrecht confides she wouldn't waste her time going after Faison's romantic rival; she'd go after her own. Britt tries to press the issue but Obrecht is eager to hear about her time spent with Patrick. Britt confesses that she told him the truth. Obrecht's angry she confessed but Britt fesses up that she didn't tell him the part about the baby not being his. She admits they've never been closer and shares the sonogram image that sealed the deal. Obrecht beams with pride and suggests she name him Cesar. Upset at this, Britt informs Obrecht she's overstayed her welcome. They struggle over her bag and a blond wig falls to the floor. Britt doesn't believe she's considering a makeover and searches her purse. She finds the sedative and asks, "What's this?"

Spinelli delivers coffee to the Floating Rib for Maxie, Lulu and Dante while Mac and Felicia privately voice their concerns for Duke. When no one can get information from GH, Spinelli and Dante decide to visit the hospital in hopes that Ellie can get them an update. Maxie's eager for Mac and Felicia to continue with their wedding plans and tries to reach Lucy and Kevin to fill in for Duke and Anna. Mac and Felicia are set on waiting when Maxie blurts out they have to get married today for Georgie. They think she's talking about her sister but she denies it. Lulu interrupts wondering if Maxie is referring to the baby as Georgie. She reminds her that's not what they talked about. Maxie assures her she understands and steps away to answer her phone.

Anna is keeping vigil at Duke's beside when Patrick enters his room at GH. Labs are coming back clean for health related issues but lethal doses of a sedative were found in Duke's system. Patrick directs Felix on their move to flush the drugs from Duke's system. Anna asks Patrick if Duke will make it. Outside, Dante and Spinelli get an update from Felix. Dante joins Anna in Duke's room eager to help. Anna remembers Duke's concerns over Ava Jerome and recalls Lucy approaching her about a blond woman at the party. After Dante leaves, Patrick informs Anna that Duke should be waking up soon. Alone, Duke wakes up as Anna pours out her heart to him. She queries him about who he thinks did this to him. He knows, it's not Ava; it was Obrecht who was wearing a wig. Elsewhere with Felix, Spinelli has figured out Britt's mom's new name.

At Patrick's, Sabrina answers Emma's questions about Patrick's absence and the possibility that Mac and Felicia aren't getting married today. As the flower girl Emma is disappointed but Sabrina explains how her Uncle Duke got sick and promises there won't be a wedding without her. Emma has confidence her father will save Duke. They're making a card for Duke when a delivery of baby items arrives. Emma is happy if the baby stays with them as long as it's a girl. When Patrick arrives he asks her to help decorate the nursery. Emma chooses pink but Patrick suggests maybe green or yellow would be appropriate for her baby brother. Emma storms off certain her day can't get any worse. Later, Patrick explains how cool having a brother will be.

Julian surprises Ava at the Quartermaine's. She's worried someone will see him but he reminds her he's Derrick Wells in the market for artwork. He holds up her paper as the reason for his visit. After each convinces the other they had nothing to do with what happened to Duke, they wonder who is responsible. Ava's sharing how happy she is that someone's doing their dirty work for them when Dante arrives. He questions her about Duke's predicament and suggests she could have motive if she is a member of the Jerome family. Derrick agrees Jerome is not a common name and introduces himself as an art connoisseur. Ava denies having anything to do with it and is upset that Dante doesn't have the decency to treat her like family.

Back at the Floating Rib, Lulu tells Dante she thinks they have a problem when he arrives.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu worries that Maxie's getting attached to the baby.

Maxie wonders what Spinelli and Felix are talking about.

Sabrina tells Patrick that Britt hasn't been truthful about her mother.

Duke knows Obrecht is the person who drugged him.

Luke is in bad shape.

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