At GH, Felix interrupts Sabrina and Patrick with info on Britt's mother. Patrick is heading to Lamaze but Sabrina plans to meet with Felix and Spinelli later. Meanwhile, Dante meets Lulu who's eager not to miss the next Lamaze class. She will see to it the baby knows who her parents and family are.

At Sabrina's, Dr. Obrecht sits alone in the dark looking at a picture of Faison with Anna and Robin. She angrily promises to end his obsession with Anna. Britt's startled by her mother when she comes home. Obrecht thinks she should be grateful as she has an idea to win Patrick over with the baby that isn't his. She reconsiders when she realizes that Britt isn't winning the doctor over. Perhaps it's time to eliminate the competition. Britt's plan is to make it to childbirth class; she has no desire to plan on killing Sabrina with her mother. She leaves disappointed in her father for giving his love to another woman and leaving her mother scorned. Obrecht considers she has a schedule to keep. She puts on a wig while talking to the picture about Robin being with Jerry Jacks and with Anna out of the picture she will have Faison back.

Anna gets ready for Mac and Felicia's party at the Floating Rib while Duke shares he may be out of a job due to the latest upheaval at ELQ. He mentions he has Ava to thank for that. Anna relates to Ava's predicament and wishes Robert were there when she remembers when he learned about Robin. Her and Duke look forward to the day they can have Obrecht's head on a platter. Nearby, Spinelli catches up to Maxie and tries to help her with bags of decorations. He declares that nothing can happen to this baby. She wants him to cut it out and declares it's not his baby. He understands and she apologizes before rushing off to Lamaze. Felix arrives and is disappointed in Spinelli's lack of information. Britt's mother is a mystery as information on her ends as a specific point in time. Sabrina recognizes a photo of her mom. Meanwhile, Anna and Duke carry on a conversation about Dr. Obrecht as she walks into the bar in disguise. She looks at a bottle of Propofol in her purse.

Back at GH, Patrick joins Britt as Lulu and Dante present Maxie with class notes from Spinelli's research. Dante and Lulu comfort her with kind words during class as Patrick confesses to Britt that he's falling in love with their baby. Britt confides she wants to tell Patrick something.

At the Donely's, Sean holds out a bottle to Luke and Holly. Luke's certain it's the cure. Holly begs Sean to give it to them. Anna Donely apologizes for not being able to help them and explains it's not a cure, just a temporary stopgap. The Donely's share their story of Sean's similar fate of being poisoned by The Balkan. Anna Donely recounts their attempt to get the cure, albeit unsuccessfully. Luke is eager to help Sean in their attempt to save themselves. They shake on it. Sean wants Luke to have a swig of the medicine. Luke is concerned he doesn't have enough but Anna confirms he's stable.

Ava's surprised when Silas enters as she downs a drink at the Quartermaine's. She understands he has questions and confesses Kiki is his daughter after his angry outburst. She offers him a drink as he wonders if Kiki knows. Ava doesn't know. She tries to calm Silas with sweet talk but Silas warns her she has no control over him and promises to have a relationship with his daughter.

Michael rushes into the court house and yells, "Stop!" Kiki wonders why as Morgan tries to brush Michael off. She glances from Michael to the surprising headline that she's not a Quartermaine. Morgan pretends to be surprised and is disappointed when the judge and his clerk leave them alone to sort things out. Kiki tries to understand how it's possible if Franco is still a Quartermaine. Michael explains Franco's not her father, Silas is. He wants a moment alone with Kiki and Morgan obliges. Michael offers to tell Morgan how they feel about each other but Kiki says it won't change anything, she can't be with him. Morgan interrupts explaining to Michael that they are married now, isn't he going to congratulate them? Michael realizes Morgan knew and confronts him with the paper. Morgan doesn't care, he's married, Kiki chose him over Michael, cousin or not, it wouldn't make a difference. Kiki is silent, then turns to him to ask if he knew. Morgan is ready for them to leave and takes her away.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lucy is worried about missing the big surprise.

Lulu announces a dedication to Maxie.

Britt has contractions.

Dr. Obrecht has a surprise for Anna.

Sabrina wonders what Britt's done to keep Patrick from the party.

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