Holly and Luke arrive at Sean Donely’s house in Ireland but his daughter Anna tells them he isn’t there. She lets them in and Holly and Luke conspire to split up. Luke asks to use the bathroom and Anna informs Holly she is on to them. Luke is dragged back by the goons and Sean comes out in a wheelchair. Anna insists Sean has no answers but they demand to know where Jerry Jacks and the $88 million is. Luke thinks Jerry got sick and made a deal with Sean. Anna insists he needed the money and Sean pulls out a vial.

Morgan pressures Kiki to get married at the courthouse. She doesn’t want to rush because of Michael. Morgan blows up at her for letting Michael keep them from getting married. Kiki only meant because he is Morgan’s best man – didn’t he want him at the wedding? Morgan just wants it to be the two of them and doesn’t want to wait. She told him she was ready, so isn’t she? Kiki thinks about kissing Michael, then agrees to get married.

Ava bursts into Julian’s office and demands to know why he ran the story. He tells her their plan was to take over ELQ to use as a front for their operation and obviously that won’t work. This story ensures Tracy and Ava come out ahead. He wants to know why she didn’t use it. Ava owes him no explanations. She storms off. Alone, Julian reads the story about Danny.

Michael arrives at the Q estate, soon followed by Silas. They are both looking for Kiki, and Michael realizes Ava has been lying to Silas too. Meanwhile, Liz encourages Tracy to make peace with AJ and treat him like family before he self-destructs. Tracy blames AJ’s self-destruction on himself and tells Liz it’s now her problem. Liz runs into Michael on her way out and tells him how worried she is about AJ considering the state he was in when he stormed out of the estate, especially toward Connie. They leave and Silas finds Tracy. She pours him a drink to thank him for knocking up Ava all those years ago. He wants to find Kiki and she directs him to the boathouse. He leaves and Ava runs in. Tracy is upset at Ava for keeping her secret to herself and tells her she is out at ELQ. Ava threatens to throw Franco’s vote to AJ if she can’t keep her job. Tracy can’t understand why she wants the job but agrees. Ava thinks about a conversation she had with Julian about needing ELQ to take over Sonny’s turf. She wonders if the day can get any worse when Silas returns.

At Sonny’s, AJ grabs Connie’s neck and Sonny enters, gun drawn. AJ finally releases her. He blames Sonny for Connie running the story and yells at Connie for not giving him a chance to get Lucy’s share. AJ then screams at her about Trey, leaving him to die as a baby then finishing him off later on. Sonny punches AJ. Connie pulls Sonny off as Michael and Liz arrive. Liz and Michael pull AJ up, who is still yelling that Connie did this to ruin him. AJ promises Connie she will pay. Later, Sonny tells her that Olivia encouraged him check his messages. She thinks it’s typical that after one fight he is back in Olivia’s arms. He accuses her again of betraying his trust. He knows Morgan loves Kiki but Sonny thought it would eventually fizzle out - until Connie printed the story. She should have left any decisions that concerned his family to him. She accuses Sonny of hurting his sons and leaves.

Alexis and Sam talk about the poor turnout for donor testing at the hospital. Sam blames Derek but Alexis understands his business decision. Alexis hasn’t read the story and Sam fills her in that Silas is Kiki’s dad. Later, Mac and Felicia come by to get tested. Sam is nervous they won’t find a donor when Julian arrives to get tested. Meanwhile, Liz treats AJ. AJ is upset about not running the business side by side with Michael. This was his last chance to prove that he is worthy. Michael tells him he doesn’t need ELQ for that. AJ encourages Michael to fight for Kiki and he leaves. Later, Liz wants AJ to forget about Connie. He tells her if he had a gun he would have killed Connie right there. Meanwhile, Michael runs into Mac, who tells him about the wedding.

At the courthouse Kiki and Morgan stand in front of the judge when Michael bursts in.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie insists to Spin that the baby isn’t his.

Silas is ready for Ava to come clean.

Duke may be out of a job thanks to Ava.

Michael want Kiki to call off the wedding.

Obrecht is ready to eliminate the competition.

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