At the hospital, Ava forbids Silas to tell Kiki that he's her father and threatens him with some scissors. He takes her hand and explains she's holding the scissors all wrong. She says she could have wheeled him to the morgue and had him cremated. He's still determined to get the truth. She storms off as Sam arrives and wonders what's up. He slurps his coffee and changes the topic to Danny. They wonder why the story about her son didn't go in the paper. She picks it up and sees that Kiki is on the cover. When he looks at the article, he spots his name on a reproduction of the birth certificate. "You have a daughter," she points out, urging him to go and find her.

Morgan and Kiki are at the courthouse waiting for their marriage license. He paces. She doesn't understand the rush.

Over at the boat house, Michael tries calling Kiki without any luck. He finds her phone on the floor so he tries calling Morgan. He doesn't pick up. Ava runs in. Michael shows her the paper. She freaks out and guesses Tracy must have been behind this. Ava confirms that what the article says is true. Michael rails at her. She doesn't appreciate it. It suddenly dawns on him what all of this will mean for his dad. She asks him to help find her daughter. He has no clue where she is.

Back at the courthouse, Mac and Felecia run into Morgan and Kiki. Morgan gets them to lend her a phone. When she wanders off, Morgan explains he's trying to keep the paper from her so Kiki's day won't be ruined. Kiki returns and they are called in to get their license. Once they have it, Morgan says they can go straight to the altar. "Let's get married now," he suggests. She thinks that's a bad idea.

At the Quartermaine estate, Liz slaps Tracy when she says that AJ is an 'empty husk' not worthy of love. Liz rails about how much he has accomplished and how resentful Tracy is. Tracy thinks this is crap. The nurse accuses her of destroying her father's legacy just so AJ couldn't get his hands on it. Tracy thinks Liz is a sucker and lists AJ's crimes. "This is AJ's doing. It is not my fault," Tracy insists. Liz starts comparing her to AJ. Tracy cringes and says they have as much in common as a fish and bicycle. The nurse asks her to give AJ another chance before it's too late.

AJ storms into Sonny's place and confronts Connie for printing the story about Kiki not being a Q. He barks that he is going to sue her. She tells him the public has a right to know. He's sure Sonny put her up to this. Connie assures him he's wrong and she was just doing the right thing. He rants. She says she was just working to protect her job. After shouting some more, he calms down and complains about how Jason was always the loved one. He just wanted to make things up to people and prove that Carly was wrong to take his son away. Connie assures him he will be okay and can build another company.

Sonny strolls into the Metro Court. Connie has been calling but he wouldn't pick up. He finds Olivia at the bar. She guesses something is up. He explains that Connie has gone too far and shows her the paper. Liv doesn't see the big deal. They argue about her cousin's motives. He's starting to think he made a mistake choosing Connie over her. Olivia urges him to go and speak to her cousin. He finally listens to the message Connie left. When he hears AJ yelling at her in the background, he runs off.

When Sonny gets home, he finds AJ with his hand on Connie's throat. Sonny pulls out his gun.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava's plan continues to fall apart.

Derek agrees to be tested.

Ava blows up at Derek.

Kiki agrees to marry Morgan.

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