At the hospital the lab tech returns with Silas’ DNA results, but before he can open them Monica stops him. She believes he conducted the test without the patient’s knowledge. Ava enters and thinks Monica should reconsider having him on staff. Monica won’t fire anyone without disciplinary review. Ava is livid and demands the lab results. Monica grudgingly complies and trusts the matter is now settled. Silas does a slow clap for Ava and wonders why she is so determined to keep the truth from him. She tells him even if Kiki is his, why would he care since he never called her once? He wonders why she wants Kiki to believe her father is a serial killer over him. He is going to Kiki. She pulls a knife on him.

At the Metro Court Carly is concerned about Olivia, but Olivia suggests she worry about Michael instead. Olivia tells her about their unlucky-in-love conversation. She doesn’t know all the details but wants Carly to go easy on Michael since it hurts to love someone you can’t be with. Carly wonders if she is talking about Sonny. When she was in the hospital Carly noticed intensity between them. Carly is sure that Connie is going to break Sonny's heart. If a Falconeri girl is going to make him happy, it’s Olivia, not Connie.

Connie gets the paper outside Sonny’s and is unsure how she is going to tell him. Inside she shows him the paper and he explodes. He wants to know why she would print it when she said she wouldn’t. She couldn’t stand to let Michael be hurt and he accuses her of hiding behind his son. Connie puts some of the blame on Sonny for insisting on keeping this lie to begin with. She knows he wants to show Morgan he loves him but helping him manipulate a girl is wrong. She thinks maybe this is the best decision for his family. He wonders what she knows about raising family. He leaves.

Kiki wakes up in the boathouse to Morgan watching her sleep. He tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too before he leaves to get breakfast. Alone, she calls Michael.

Michael grabs the paper outside his apartment door without looking at the headline. He gets his coffee and cereal and answers a call from Kiki. She needs to talk to him about Morgan and tells him he gave her a ring. Then, she told Morgan she loved him. Michael asks her if she meant it. She has to think about it.

At the Q estate, Tracy is ecstatic when she sees the news. She orders thank-you flowers for Connie and when Diane arrives welcomes her to the happiest place on earth. Tracy hands her the paper. Upstairs, AJ and Liz cuddle. He is unsure if he has ever been this happy. Liz has no regrets and isn’t intimidated by Tracy. When push comes to shove her bark is worse than her bite. They go downstairs and are shocked at how cheerful Tracy is. She hands AJ the paper and tells him to choke on it. Morgan overhears Tracy tell AJ that Kiki isn’t a Q and that Silas is her father. Liz reminds them that even so, the vote are tied. Tracy informs them that she secured Lucy’s one percent, putting her back on top. AJ looks sick. Tracy feels she has earned the right to gloat and toasts to the freedom of the press. Diane thinks that Connie ran with the story to make Sonny happy considering his hate for AJ. AJ knows when he’s done, but he won’t be the only one. Liz tries to stop him but he storms off. Liz tells Tracy she believes in AJ and Tracy tells her AJ did this to himself. AJ always looks for shortcuts. He wanted ELQ but didn’t know what he was doing. AJ is unworthy of anyone’s love. Liz slaps her.

Morgan runs back to the boathouse and Kiki quickly hangs up with Michael. Morgan wants to get married right away and rushes Kiki into the bathroom to get ready.

Michael sees the paper and realizes the truth. He grabs the paper and leaves his apartment.

Back at the boathouse Morgan answers Kiki’s phone when Michael calls back. Michael pretends he was calling to check up on Kiki’s dad but Morgan doesn’t believe him. He hangs up when Kiki emerges and pretends he was talking to Sonny. They leave for the courthouse. Later, Michael arrives but Kiki and Morgan are gone.

Sonny shows up at the Metro Court where Olivia is.

Back at Sonny’s, Connie leaves a voicemail for Sonny when AJ busts in demanding an explanation.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava promises Silas he will never cross paths with Kiki again.

Liz and Tracy face off.

AJ demands answers from Connie.

Morgan insists on getting married today.

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