At Metro Court, AJ, Liz and Michael toast Alice to thank her for her vote. It was Alice’s pleasure - she always does what’s best for the family. She has to rush off, but first tells AJ how proud his grandfather would have been. Next, Michael leaves Liz and AJ alone. AJ attributes Liz for making him want to be a better man. He really believes his grandfather would be proud and he owes it all to her. He wants their relationship to grow and asks if she is ready to spend the night together. She admits she is nervous but wants to take that leap with him. They kiss and AJ takes her home.

Michael runs into Olivia in the Metro Court bar on his way out, and he can tell something is wrong. He correctly guesses it has to do with Sonny and admits Dante told him. She tells him she had to step aside to make Sonny happy. Michael knows how she feels. He stepped aside to let the two people he cares about be happy too. She pours both of them a drink and they toast to themselves – a couple of martyrs.

Morgan surprises Kiki with a romantic meal set up outside the boathouse. Inside, there is a new gown for her to wear. He tells her he loves her and instead of replying she rushes off to try on her dress. Alice runs up, apologizing to Morgan for being late. He admits to her that the evening has been good, not great. Later, Alice serves them, but Kiki is too full to eat one bite. Morgan encourages her to take one look first. He lifts the cloche and there is an engagement ring underneath. She loves it but insists he return it because they can’t afford it. She pushes to know how he got the money and he tells her his dad. He doesn’t want to force her into it if she’s not ready. He fell for her headfirst, but if she is not there yet he understands. She tells him that she loves him and they make love.

Alexis orders scotch on the rocks from Mac at the Rib. She blames herself for Danny being so sick. There could be a whole slew of matches if she knew anything about Sam’s father. She tells Mac about her hypnosis session the name Julian. Meanwhile, Julian walks in. He leaves a message for Ava to call him about the story. He approaches Alexis - he feels like he knows her from somewhere. She introduces herself and he tells her his name is Derek. She realizes he is running the story on the bone marrow donor. He thinks she must be Sam’s sister. She corrects him and he is shocked – "Did you have her when you were like 12?" he asks. She tells him she was 16. He apologizes but she gives him a free pass because of the story. He tells her it’s been bumped for a story on ELQ. She gets mad at him for giving Sam false hope. He apologizes and she does as well. He is pulling for Danny.

At the hospital, Silas instructs a lab tech to bring him the DNA results as soon as possible. He joins Sam and Danny and tells her there are no matches yet. She tells him about Alexis’ hypnosis session but time isn’t on their side. Sam is hoping for results from the article in the paper. The lab tech returns to tell Silas his lab results are ready. He tells her it can wait and stays to comfort Sam instead.

Outside Sonny’s, Connie worries how she'll tell Sonny about printing the story. Inside, Sonny surprises her with a special meal for keeping his secret. She wonders if he has thought about how much this is costing Michael. Sonny isn’t cool with Michael going after his brother’s girlfriend. It means everything to Sonny that she did right by him. She tells him that her boss is shutting down the paper and magazine after tomorrow, putting a lot of people out of work. He reminds her she has picked herself up in the past and she can do it now. She took care of him and now he will take care of her and help her start a new magazine. He leaves to get dessert. She calls the paper to pull the ELQ story. Derek tells her there is no stopping the story now. He congratulates her on saving her magazine. Sonny returns and Connie tells him she loves him no matter what. They go upstairs and make love.

Michael goes home alone and thinks about Kiki.

The next morning the paper hits everyone’s front porch with the headline "Kiki Not A Q!"

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy is ecstatic.

AJ wakes up next to Liz and doesn’t think life could get any better.

Monica asks Silas to put something down.

Kiki wants to talk to Michael.

Sonny screams at Connie.

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