Holly reveals herself as Luke’s accomplice at the Swiss bank. She risked a lot to help him and called in a lot of favors, so she wants answers. He knows he owes her the truth and tells her about Helena’s poisoning and his impending death. She regrets not seeing Helena die. Luke takes the opportunity to tell Holly goodbye – he may never get the chance again. They hug and he gets her up to speed on Jerry Jacks and the money. An alarm goes off as they find Jerry’s account on the computer and realize a transfer of funds was made after the explosion and was picked up by Sean Donely.

Alexis wakes up from her hypnotism session with Kevin at the hospital clearly remembering the name Julian. She wonders how they find Sam’s dad now with just a first name. Kevin thinks the detail of her dream combined with the uniqueness of the name is a lot to go on. It’s possible she blocked the memory but now she may remember more.

At the Rib, Lucy is unsure how her one percent in ELQ can help Tracy until she explains the five shares from Kiki are worthless. Tracy assures Lucy she will get to keep her share, as well as the check for the spa, as long as she promises to throw in her vote with Tracy. Scott thinks Lucy’s vote will be worth even more to AJ so Tracy adds a zero to the check and they reach a deal. Later, Lucy thanks Scott for making the deal and presents him with a piece of cake and a candle. He makes a wish and blows out the candle but Laura is still out chasing Luke. She eats his cake and tells him all he can do is be patient and wait. He misses Laura and she admits she misses Kevin too. But she wouldn’t change one moment of this evening because of how he handled Tracy. He is a good friend and negotiator extraordinaire. They hold hands and wonder what the universe is telling them that they are spending more time together than with their current loves. They pull their hands apart. Later, Kevin catches Scott feeding Lucy cake.

Julian dismisses Ava from his office and suggests they not be seen together just as Sam arrives. He informs her that he is Connie’s boss as Sam recognizes Ava as Silas’ friend. Ava leaves after they make a cover story about Ava selling Julian's alias Derek art. Alone, Sam tells Derek that she is trying to get publicity for a bone marrow drive for her son and hopes the paper will do a front page story. He asks about blood relatives and she admits she doesn’t know her father. She begs him to run the story but he refuses. She asks if he has children because if he did he would know the pain she was in. He agrees to put it on the front page of tomorrow’s edition.

At the hospital Silas calls to get the lab results to his paternity test ASAP. Meanwhile, Kiki visits Franco and he recognizes her as his daughter. Silas listens as she tells Franco that she wants to figure out what they have together. Silas asks to speak to Kiki. Outside, he tells her about Franco’s suspicious cells which make him not an option for Danny. He is about to continue when Ava arrives. They bring her up to speed on Franco’s condition. Ava pushes Kiki into Franco’s room and threatens Silas to stay away from Kiki – she isn’t his daughter! He wants to wait to see what the DNA test says. She is livid but he does what he wants. Inside, Kiki wants to get to know her dad. She holds hands with Franco. She is his daughter and that will never change.

Monica catches Connie ransacking a bedroom at the estate. Tracy appears and convinces Monica not to call the cops by taking responsibility for the mess. She explains that after Kiki sided with AJ she had a fit. Monica is in too good a mood over AJ’s victory to care and asks them to just stay away from her room. Alone, they hug over Lucy’s support and Connie shows Tracy a lockbox she found. Tracy picks it open and they find Kiki’s birth certificate, which lists Silas as the father. Tracy starts to rejoice but Connie is conflicted about what to do. Later, Ava returns to find Tracy fluffing her pillows. Tracy wants Ava to have a good night’s sleep – tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Sam returns to the hospital with the good news about the paper. Alexis tells Sam her dad’s name is Julian.

Connie returns to the paper with the birth certificate and tells Derek she is running with it.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki reveals her feelings for Morgan.

Front page news shocks Port Charles.

AJ wonders if Liz is ready for the next step.

Alexis admits to Mac she knows nothing about Sam’s father.

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