Tracy paces at the Quartermaine's while leaving Luke another desperate message. Connie barges in announcing that Alice's not the only one stabbing Tracy in the back, Ava is as well. Franco's not Kiki's father. Tracy wants proof and doesn't care what Sonny wants. She advises Connie to stand up to Sonny. Connie decides she'll do it to save Crimson if she can get proof. Tracy leaves Connie to search their rooms. Later upstairs someone surprises Connie after she finds a locked box.

Lucy meets Scott at Kelly's and apologizes for Kevin's absence. Scott mentions Laura couldn't make it after running off to find Luke. He's worried Laura is in danger if Jerry Jacks is involved. Lucy's worried about funding when Tracy arrives with a check. Lucy wants to know what Tracy's buying and Tracy admits she wants Lucy's vote at ELQ. Outside, Anna's curious if Duke knows anything about Ava's silent partner. Duke believes it's a Jerome despite the belief that Victor and all of his children are dead. Anna doesn't have probable cause to investigate Ava so Duke suggests they use unofficial ones. As the police commissioner she refuses to break the law. Duke doesn't think they have to break the law; they just need to speak to someone else who will.

At Sonny's, Shawn arrives and warns Sonny that the gambling ring is still in operation. Sonny wants to find who's pulling the strings so he can wipe out whoever is. As Shawn's leaving, Duke and Anna arrive. Alone they share with Sonny what the Jerome family has done to them. Sonny remembers how sloppy they were and is as interested as they are to know if they're back since his son may be about to marry one. Anna doesn't want mob involvement, but Sonny promises to do what he needs to.

At Crimson, Ava jokes that Julian looks good for a dead man and asks him to give his baby sister a hug. She's glad to see he's so happy and he admits it's nice with everyone believing the Jerome family is dead and gone. Ava advises him to try and convince Duke Lavery of that. Derrick remembers telling her to change her name like he did. She compliments him on his respectable name of Derrick Wells before he berates her for mucking things up at ELQ. Ava knows he wouldn't even have his foot in the door if not for her and reminds him she's essential to his plan to get to Sonny. She promises they'll get to Sonny and take back their territory. Derrick wonders if it's possible without ELQ since he doesn't believe Ava's in control. Ava announces their gambling ring brought together the unlikely couple of Morgan and Kiki. Derrick finds this useful but Ava thinks that's an understatement. Ava's happy to see his smile as Derrick admits he's ready for the challenge to take on Sonny.

At a bank in Zurich, Luke assumes the alias of Dr. Von Schemerman. He implores the bank detective to help save his life by finding the money Jerry Jacks withdrew from their bank. She wants to know who he's working for that he's worried about his life. Luke lists the colorful list of criminal characters from Port Charles, including Spanky. She can't divulge any more information with him than she did with the WSB and asks him to leave. Two armed masked men break in. Security is close behind but they are quickly disarmed when they threaten to kill the boss lady. One masked man shoots out the security camera. Luke claims their business isn't with him and tries to leave but they promise he will be a dead man if he does. He doesn't want the woman to worry and doesn't think anyone will shoot. Someone does and Luke hits the ground. She cries out, "You killed him." Convinced they mean business, she logs in for them to access bank records. Luke opens his eyes after all but one of the suspects leaves the room. He thanks the person at the computer. Holly removes her mask and smiles.

At GH, Alexis confides to Sam that the last time she saw Sam's father was the night that she was conceived. They're distracted when Kevin pops out of his office. Sam convinces Kevin to miss a meeting to help them save Danny. Alexis needs his help to find Sam's father and hopes he can jog her memory. Sam leaves them alone and Kevin hypnotizes Alexis. While under, she recounts the events of the evening. Kevin talks her through till the end of the evening when someone knocks on the car door calling for Julian while they're making out.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Holly asks Luke what they're doing at the bank.

Tracy's ready to tell Lucy and Scott what she wants.

Kiki asks Franco if he knows who she is.

Silas calls for the DNA results.

Alexis asks Kevin how they'll find Sam's father.

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