Ava tosses aside the newspaper at the Quartermaine's upset about Kiki's vote. Duke arrives and reads about the ELQ drama. He sympathizes that her plan went unrewarded. She jokes at his implication that she's up to something more and gets up to leave. Duke grabs her arm certain he knows who her real partners are and indicates he knows more about her than she thinks. He suspects her silent partner may be a criminal. He wants the name but she's just an art dealer and feigns ignorance. Duke knows she would easily involve herself with a criminal just like any other member of the Jerome family into which she was born. She's sorry for his sad past with the Jeromes but she's not the enemy he wants her to be.

At Crimson, Derrick hands Connie a box and advises her to share her grievances with HR in her exit interview after she packs up her things. When he returns he finds his briefcase in the box and wonders if he needs to call security. Connie recommends he find another place to work from while he's in town. She refuses to let everyone lose their job and indicates she will stay where she is. Connie reminds him she has till the end of the week to deliver and wants the time she's owed or she'll introduce him to someone who has experience in collecting debts. He wonders if she means Sonny. She sees he's abreast of her personal life, including having knowledge of Kate. Derrick inquires what a week will get him and Connie confirms she has a whopper of a story involving ELQ. He wants the story now but Connie's protecting her source. He offers an ultimatum to print the story now or she loses everything. Later, Derrick's associate, Ava Jerome, arrives at Crimson for a private meeting. She says, "Hello Julian."

At Sonny's, Carly confronts him for agreeing to Morgan and Kiki's plan to marry. He wants to back Morgan and fears the more they try to break up Morgan and Kiki, the faster it is they'll run off and get married. It doesn't matter if Morgan loves Kiki; Carly knows Kiki doesn't love Morgan. She shares what Michael confided to her and worries about him committing incest. Sonny thinks this is reason to let the wedding happen, especially since Morgan thinks they love Michael more than him. He knows that if she had the whole truth she wouldn't be as worried. Carly thinks it's a big mistake, but Sonny reminds her it's Morgan's not theirs. Later, he leaves Connie a message, happy she's doing him the favor of keeping the story between them.

Dante's excited to bump into Michael and Morgan at Kelly's and wonders what's up. He thinks Morgan's joking when he announces he's marrying Kiki but congratulates them when he learns the truth. He welcomes Kiki to the family and joins Anna for breakfast. The mayor wants the case of Olivia's shooting closed and is ready for them to pin it on Sonny. Dante believes Sonny is innocent in the matter and thinks Carly went after Franco. They both consider the mysterious second shooter and realize it has all the markings of a mob hit. Meanwhile, Morgan is grateful for Dante's heartfelt congratulations and busts on Michael for not being happy for them. Michael wants everything to work out for them. Kiki gets upset when Morgan wants him to prove it by being his best man. He believes he's offering Michael an honor. Michael agrees and offers his hand but Morgan gives him a hug. Later, Connie joins Michael and asks if Morgan's wedding has him down. He wonders what she knows about it. She ignores a call from Sonny but Michael leaves thinking no one can help. She whispers she can as he walks out. Outside, Duke mentions his talk with Ava. Anna's interested in finding out the truth about her so she can take care of her on her own.

At GH, Alexis joins Sam in time to hear Silas' findings. He's sorry but Franco isn't a donor option for Danny. They need to expand the parameters of their search and he will double-check the lab tests of other family members. Alone, Silas comes across Kiki's sample and considers putting Ava's story to the test. Outside he overhears Morgan and Kiki talking about the wedding. She's happy she has a father to walk her down the aisle. Silas swabs his mouth. Elsewhere, Alexis tries to be supportive and knows there is a match out there somewhere. Sam thinks it's like looking for a needle in a haystack and begs to know who her father is. Alexis decides to hire an investigator.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Duke and Anna visit Sonny about the Jerome family.

Tracy asks Connie who else is working against her.

Ava tells Julian to play nice.

Alexis seeks help from Kevin to find Sam's father.

Luke finds someone who could save his life.

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