At Kelly's, Laura leaves Luke another message about having a bad feeling. Lucy arrives excited about their investor. Laura's worried that Lucy's going too fast. Lucy's assuring her she knows the person as Nikolas walks in. Laura doesn't want Nikolas to feel obligated. He rushes through the paperwork while Laura reminds him he doesn't have to do this for her. He's happy to, but is in a hurry to get to the hospital for testing. Laura remembers him saving Lulu when she was a baby. They hope there's a chance he can do the same for Danny. Later, Scott's happy to see their partnership is off to a great start when he finds them arguing. Lucy leaves so he can talk sense into Laura. Laura's mad at all Lucy's done without her input but agrees with Scott that she may be overreacting. He asks what's wrong and she admits it's Luke.

At GH, Brad threatens to share seeing Michael and Kiki kissing with the next person who walks through the door. He's pleased when Morgan arrives and is ready to disclose what he saw when Michael and Kiki interrupt. They indicate that Morgan's not related so Brad doesn't have to bother him to be tested. Morgan agrees if that is what Brad meant. Brad confirms it was and walks Michael out to schedule a date. Michael offers to find him someone else but he's not interested and wants one night with him. Alone, Morgan's eager to give Kiki his gift, a compass necklace. She's the only one he wants to roam around the world with. Kiki's touched and wonders how he could afford it before accusing him of gambling again. Meanwhile, Britt finds Patrick and Sabrina kissing. She interrupts and apologizes for killing the baby. They're speechless until Britt produces a new baby doll for Emma. Patrick wonders why she's out again since she's ill. Britt assures him she's fine despite Sabrina's doubt she was sick at all. She reminds Sabrina that she won the man and should stop kicking someone who's down. Nikolas sees her leaving upset. She shares her problem and Nikolas reminds her all couples fight during this stressful time. She admits the problem is they aren't a couple. Nikolas charms her after confessing his similar problems losing the woman he loved. He's happy when she smiles at his jokes. Brad finds them and Nikolas gives Britt his card with an offer to call anytime. Later, Michael tells Kiki he'll figure something out so no one finds out. He goes to look for Brad and overhears Brad telling Britt they can't keep up their shenanigans much longer. Michael's pleased when Brad turns the corner and sees that he overheard. He wonders if he should talk to Monica, Chief of Staff. Brad thinks not.

Sam opens Alexis' door and asks why Silas is there. He's come for Rafe and is upset. She tries to calm him down and recommends a better way to ease his way into Rafe's life. Silas loses it when she suggests they get a cup of coffee, then mentions someone that came out of nowhere. He changes the subject when Sam asks him what went wrong with this woman. She gets Danny to visit with Silas and confides about her brother Daniel whose birthday is today. Silas touches her shoulder kindly when she hopes she doesn't lose her son as she lost her brother. He won't let Danny die and offers to help her fight her next battle.

Patrick and Sabrina meet at Kelly's and decide to work on being nice to Britt even if Sabrina thinks something's still wrong.

At the pool house, Sonny offers Franco another chance to move away. Franco won't and Sonny allows Shawn to continue the beating. Alexis walks in and screams for them to stop. She won't let him kill Franco because he could be killing her grandson too. Franco wants to make things right and agrees to testing. In the house, Tracy folds up Luke's letter when Ava comes in to get a drink. Tracy asks what has her so worked up and she confesses it's her ex. Tracy feels vindicated that Franco is Ava's problem until Ava clarifies that's not who she meant. Hesitantly, Ava confides there was a man who left her alone to pick up the pieces. Tracy holds Luke's note and agrees she understands. She tells a similar tale. Ava regrets spilling her guts thinking someone will mistake them for friends. Tracy wonders where her loyalties lie and hopes she'll do what's best for her daughter. Scott interrupts hoping they can catch up. Alone outside Ava thinks about Silas.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco arrives at GH bloodied and bruised.

Silas promises Sam he can handle it.

Lulu hears Maxie tell the baby that mommy's here.

Heather tells someone to stay away from her.

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