In the apartment, Spinelli asks Ellie what she's sorry for when she wakes up dreaming of him confronting her about his baby with Maxie. She apologizes for waking him, but he's already up and admits to hearing her mumbling about Maxie's baby in her sleep. He kisses her for being a good person by keeping Maxie's secret and they make love. Spinelli's happy she took a chance with him but Ellie's the one worried she could break his heart.

At Sonny's, Olivia's remembering the kiss from the night before when Connie calls. She confirms Sonny's taking care of her and hangs up when he brings breakfast. Olivia thinks they need to talk. They both agree that what happened felt right but Olivia worries about Connie. Sonny thinks he's tried hard enough to work things out with Connie and maybe it's time to move on. Olivia doesn't know if she can do that to Connie. Sonny's certain it feels right to him and kisses her again. Olivia pulls away and decides to rest.

Maxie reviews an article at Crimson and sees herself as the mom with child on her computer. She believes she's losing it and double-checks the photo of someone else. Connie calls her into her office and complains about her work and an over-ripe banana. She hopes the baby will be born tomorrow so Maxie can return to her efficient, reliable self. Maxie believes Connie's in a mood and wants to know who the hussy is swooping in to steal her man when Connie admits there's a problem. Connie confesses it's Olivia and believes it's her own fault for giving Sonny up. Maxie thinks she made a big mistake in not telling Olivia it would bother her. She advises her to see her doctor soon to seek if it's safe to go back to Sonny before she loses him.

At home, Lulu wakes up from a dream where she hears her baby crying and visits an empty crib. She yells to Dante that something's happened to their baby. Dante blames her worries on stress. He gives her a gift of a pink 'Daddy's Little Girl' t-shirt. She jokes about feeling sorry for their daughter's future boyfriends and realizes they haven't chosen a name yet.

Spinelli and Ellie find Lulu and Dante testing out baby names at Kelly's. Spinelli is excited to hear Maxie is having a girl. Alone, Spinelli's sorry for discussing children and hopes Ellie is okay. She thinks she's the last person he should apologize to. They overhear Lulu announcing that Maxie is the best person to help choose a name.

Kiki hears someone say, "Good morning beautiful." In her dream, Micheal's about to kiss her when she yells, "No. This is wrong!" Morgan wakes up wondering what's wrong. She lies that it's about Franco and Ava hooking up. Morgan thinks Kiki looks hot and wants to make out. She refuses claiming she has to go get tested as a donor for Danny. He wants to go but she refuses. Ava finds him alone and is surprised to hear Kiki left for tests without him. Morgan admits he thinks Kiki wanted to be alone with Michael. Ava's shocked but believes she cares about him. She promises to work on Kiki and encourages Morgan to buy Kiki something expensive. Ava hands over her credit card mentioning it will be their little secret. Later, Morgan finds the perfect gift online.

At GH, Sam has a vision that Silas cannot find Danny a donor. Brad interrupts asking if she's ready. He finishes the test and lets Sam know she should be the best candidate. Outside Sam runs into Michael. She reviews Spinelli's list of potential donors and asks who Kiki is. Michael shares that she's his cousin whom he doesn't get along with. He hopes to be gone before she arrives. Brad jokes Michael's his next victim when he enters. He thinks they know each other, but Michael's sure they don't. Later, Kiki finds Michael alone and confesses having a dream about waking up with him. He's upset and reminds her they have to stay apart. She wonders why it is they keep getting thrown together in spite of that. Michael believes they need to try harder if she cares about Morgan. He grabs her exclaiming, "There is no you and me," and kisses her. Meanwhile, Sam runs into Silas at the elevators and is surprised to learn he now works at GH. He admits he's in charge of Oncology and has fired Danny's doctor. She hopes he's as good as he thinks and leaves. Ava arrives looking for Kiki. She's surprised to see Silas.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna knows there's no shortage of people who want Franco dead.

Ava tells Silas he can't walk away from her.

Carly wants Spinelli to investigate someone.

Alexis asks Sam who turned down Danny.

Franco yells that he's family to Morgan.

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