[GH Preempted from 2:00 PM to 2:02 EST for weather update.] TJ sits down in the limo humiliated as Taylor jokes about Rafe and Molly kissing. Upset by what he just saw, he asks the driver if they can go. Taylor offers him a drink again. He accepts and they start to bash Molly. Taylor thinks she can make him feel better by kissing him. TJ stops her when things heat up. She's sorry about Molly but doesn't think things would have lasted between them. Taylor comes on strong again. He tries to bow out, saying he doesn't have protection. Taylor pulls a condom out of her purse claiming she carries them for special occasions. He rips the package open with his teeth.

In the park, Rafe says, "Wow" as Molly smiles when they stop kissing. He embraces the moment as magic, but knows Molly wants to be kissing TJ. She agrees. Rafe hopes the two of them can get back together even though she doesn't think it's possible. She's happy to think TJ and Taylor aren't at prom together. Molly doesn't like Taylor and tells Rafe how she saw her gloating at her in Kelly's the day before. Rafe doesn't want to say good-bye even if it is. He says so long and they part.

At home, Alexis believes it's only a matter of time before the commissioner builds a case against Shawn. He tells her that she's the only one who knows. She reminds him that he's forgetting about Sonny. Shawn asks what makes her think Sonny was involved and reflects on his confrontation with Carly. He wants to know if Alexis is going to turn him in. She can't, but her decision is because of attorney client privilege. Shawn gets angry knowing a part of her wants to turn him in and he reminds her about how she ran down Kiefer. He's done talking and leaves when Molly comes home.

Carly comes home to find Sonny sitting in the dark. She doesn't believe Olivia is dead. He clarifies she isn't dead; he's just there to make it clear that she'll pay if Olivia dies. Carly wants to die for what she did. Sonny's tired of hearing how she wanted to get even. Franco's still alive and they have to worry about him telling someone they're involved in the hit.

In the hospital, Lulu and Dante pray for Olivia to wake up. Dante hopes he never starts thinking like Sonny. He knows Sonny had the means and motive. Lulu suggests others did as well, like Carly and reminds him about the confrontation between her and Sonny. She remembers how scared Carly looked. Dante starts to think Carly might have botched the hit. They notice Sonny standing in the doorway. Lulu leaves and Dante watches Sonny apologize to Olivia. Sonny asks Dante if there is something he wants to ask him. He just wants his mom to get better and for the person who did this to pay.

Lulu stops at Carly's to find out how she's holding up after what Franco did to her family. She asks if she's going crazy knowing that bastard is still alive. Lulu shares her concerns about Dante. Carly thinks Dante needs her, but Lulu knows he needs his mother to wake up and to find the person who did this.

At the Quartermaine's, both Michael and Kiki/Lauren wonder why they haven't told each other they were a Quartermaine. Morgan happily reiterates they are cousins and continues to be pleased at this new development. Michael is having a hard time believing this is happening. Franco knows he has issues but is unable to say what he needs to Kiki/Lauren to make her understand. He looks to Michael for help in explaining what happened and wants it known that he wasn't responsible for the rape. Morgan asks Michael, "What rape?" Michael didn't want him to find out this way; Morgan was young when it happened. Kiki/Lauren can't believe it's her father who is responsible. Michael tells her it's okay. Morgan wants everyone to back up a moment. He wonders how Kiki/Lauren knew about the rape already. Michael and Kiki/Lauren get defensive, which only worries Morgan more. The family leaves Morgan and Kiki/Lauren alone. She doesn't want him to worry about her and Michael. She leaves to get some beers. Franco stops Morgan from following her so they can talk alone. In the foyer, Michael snaps at AJ for not telling him his cousin was called Kiki. He leaves Michael alone for a moment with Kiki. She tells Michael the kiss never happened. AJ joins Franco and Morgan. They all agree no one can blame Carly and Sonny for wanting Franco dead. Morgan catches Michael and is sorry for what happened to him. Michael watches Kiki and Morgan retreat upstairs.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Felix gives Taylor the third degree for being out all night.

Patrick and Sabrina make out at GH.

Brad fires Ellie.

Alexis tells Rafe he has a will before the jerk shows up.

Luke tells Tracy he's going to get his test results.

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