Dante takes Lulu to General Hospital to meet with Dr. Collins. Kevin takes Lulu into a room and urges her to explore her memory flashes. She agrees to try. She remembers being carried onto the Haunted Star by a man. She thinks it was a wedding, but she wasn’t marrying Dante. It must have been Stavros. Kevin encourages her to go on but she tells him she can’t remember. He thinks she can, but won’t. Meanwhile, Dante tells Olivia that he would give anything to see Lulu smile again. Later, Lulu tells Dante there was no major breakthrough and runs off to host the party.

The blonde-haired man hides as Sam enters the penthouse. He emerges when she goes upstairs to put Danny down for a nap but suddenly there is a knock at the door. He dashes into a closet and listens intently as Sam lets Spinelli in. Spin wants her help finding Franco’s daughter but she has her own problems to deal with. She fills him in about Silas and his play for Rafe. She notices her DVD player is open and is alerted that something is wrong. Suddenly, she and Spin both get a text. It is a picture of Jason with instructions to go to the Haunted Star at 8 PM. She asks Spin to trace the number, but he can’t. She wonders if it could be from Jason. Spin thinks Jason is dead. She knows, but she will be there. She goes upstairs after Spin leaves and the blonde-haired man grabs the disk out of the DVD player and leaves.

Kiki catches Michael looking through her bag at his apartment. He pretends he is looking for a pen but she doesn’t buy it and calls out Morgan to tell him what she saw. Michael admits it and tells them that Carly asked him to keep an eye on her. Kiki thinks it is a joke he does what his mommy says and asks him if he needs a time out. Michael is sure that Kiki is working Morgan. Morgan accuses him of being jealous because he doesn’t have someone like he does. Michael leaves.

AJ tells Tracy at the Q estate that neither one of them have a reason to tell Liz that he slept with Carly. Tracy begs to differ but she has bigger fish to fry, like ELQ. They are bickering when Ava walks in. She has a project that AJ might be interested in hearing about if Tracy can’t pay the price. Tracy doesn’t see the need to get AJ involved and threatens to call Liz if he doesn’t leave. AJ leaves. Ava holds her hand out for the money but Tracy wants her daughter to sign a guarantee she will vote to side with Tracy first. Ava agrees and leaves. Meanwhile, AJ gets the text about the party just as Michael runs in with the same one. They wonder who would do this to them. Later, Tracy calls Ned and tells him she is about to get Fracno’s daughter’s signature on the dotted line.

Nik finds Elizabeth outside of Kelly’s. He has something to tell her about AJ. In his mind he flashes back to Tracy telling him that Carly and AJ had sex. Nik tells Liz it is no secret he is in love with her, but she deserves to know what AJ is really like. He wonders if she is actually attracted to AJ or if she is just sorry for him? Suddenly, Elizabeth gets the picture of Jason and the invite on her phone. She is shocked and can’t understand what it means, but she will be there.

Carly finds Sonny sparring with Shawn the gym and tells him that Kiki is living with the boys. She is still suspicious about Kiki’s ties to the Jerome crime family. She thinks Kiki could be behind the whole gambling thing, but Sonny isn’t sure and doesn’t think there is any harm in Morgan having a girlfriend. Carly gets the text and wonders who would do something like this. She is shaken and starts to cry. He is worried it is a trap but agrees to go with her.

Back at Michael’s, Kiki thinks it might be better if she just leaves town. Morgan makes her realize how happy he is with her here. She pulls off his towel and they have sex on the couch. Later, he takes a shower and she is shocked when her mom Ava shows up.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy asks Luke to leave.

Sam demands Lulu tell her what she knows.

Dante grabs his gun to go with Sonny to the Haunted Star.

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