Shawn cleans up at Crimson. Connie looks happy when Sonny arrives until Olivia greets him with a hug. She's quiet while Olivia and Sonny go over the details of Michael and Morgan's adventure. He thanks them for helping. Connie blurts out it's enough when Olivia rubs Sonny's arm in a gesture of support. He reiterates if she's upset about the damages he'll take care of it and leaves. Alone, Olivia wonders why Connie's upset. Connie admits Sonny and Olivia are both free to do what they want but doesn't believe anything is going on between them. Connie questions her silence. Olivia wonders if there is resentment left from high school because she's certain she has nothing going on with Sonny.

Alexis prepares a romantic table at home. She answers the door by saying, "Hello handsome." Rafe stands there embarrassed wanting to ask Molly about prom. Alexis is surprised that Molly is taking him. Molly explains her and TJ broke up. Alexis points out that Molly taking Rafe might validate TJ's concerns. Molly and Rafe leave as Shawn arrives. Over dinner Alexis tells Shawn about prom. Shawn's upset since he warned Rafe that Molly belonged to TJ. Alexis is disturbed by this revelation. They call a truce and kiss. Later Alexis confesses Shawn means a lot to her.

At Michael's, Kiki surprises Morgan as he opens the door to leave. They kiss professing they don't want to be apart. Kiki admits she's there to ask Michael how to win over Sonny. Michael advises that Kiki leave but she insists on staying. Morgan invites her to stay at Michael's. Later Michael interrupts their make-out session on the couch and asks Kiki to leave and Morgan comes to her defense. Somehow the arrangement turns into Michael sleeping on the couch with the happy couple in his bed.

Sam closes the door of the penthouse in Silas' face. He knocks until she answers again. She makes fun of his attempt to start anew and keeps him at the door until he apologizes for NY. He's impressed with the surroundings thinking her husband makes good money. She assures him she does fine on her own telling him her husband is none of his business. Silas thinks it is if he will be raising his nephew. Sam confesses her husband's dead. Silas refuses to leave town until he sees Rafe. He opens the door on Molly and Rafe as he's about to leave. Sam interjects as Rafe is speechless. He rejects Silas as his uncle claiming Stephen Clay was not his father. Sam suggests he leave but he won't give up that easily and says goodnight.

Felix bumps into Milo rushing out of Kelly's. TJ's behind the counter. Felix can't believe TJ didn't work things out with Molly. He thinks Rafe must really know what he's doing, but TJ blames himself. Felix encourages him to not give up. Dante catches Milo outside and asks where Lulu is. They each thought she was with the other. Dante's tired of Milo playing house with Lulu. They argue and Dante punches Milo. Milo's about to strike back when Sonny grabs his arm and tells him to wait in Kelly's. Dante asks about Morgan, but Sonny's concerned about Dante. Dante figures Lulu must be back at the Haunted Star and leaves. Inside Sonny tells Milo they need to have a talk.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu wanders through the debris remembering a ceremony. The blond-haired man apologizes for startling her. Lulu asks who he is. He's surprised she doesn't remember but admits they weren't close. He considers answering her question but she decides she doesn't want to know his name. He sympathizes with her dilemma of people wanting her to be something she's not right now. She realizes he must have been through the same. He wants to talk business. She agrees to skip the introductions and oblige him. He's back in Port Charles after an involuntary absence and wants to rent the boat for a party with all of Port Charles' movers and shakers. The short notice doesn't bother him adding the urgency will add to the allure. He promises he just needs a venue. She asks if he's famous or something. He agrees it's something like that. She agrees if he has the money then he has a boat. They plan to see each other soon, and he adds so will everyone else in Port Charles. Dante arrives later and hears glass break. Lulu rushes out remembering something.

Olivia and Connie leave Crimson in a good mood. The blond-haired man sneaks in and removes a CD from behind a painting on the wall.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael tells Kiki to take it off.

Kevin tells Dante maybe Lulu doesn't want to remember.

Lulu tells the blond-haired man it's time to introduce himself.

Elizabeth tells Carly that AJ told her everything.

Rafe admits he can only see the man who murdered his mother.

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