At the hospital Patrick questions Sabrina about her feelings for him. Liz interrupts, much to Sabrina’s relief. Patrick takes a page and Sabrina giddily tells Liz every delicious detail of Britt and Patrick’s split. Liz thinks it wouldn’t be bad if Patrick knew how Sabrina really felt about him and encourages her to go for it. She’ll never know unless she tries. Patrick returns from his call and Liz tells him Sabrina has something to tell him.

Britt throws a tantrum in the exam room as Lulu and Maxie arrive for their appointment. She tells Lulu that Maxie has been lying to her and slept with Spin on New Year’s Eve. Lulu already knows, and in fact, is very mad at Britt for not telling her sooner. Britt apologizes and assures her it will not happen again. Lulu gets called away for an emergency at the Haunted Star. Alone, Britt tells Maxie to she is going to tell Lulu about the baby if she doesn’t. Maxie offers to do whatever Britt wants as long as she keeps quiet. She will even help her get Patrick back. Britt considers and wants Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina.

TJ and Molly stumble across the crime scene at Pier 52. They learn a boy is accused of killing his mother. Molly is concerned it was Rafe and TJ encourages her to go to the station.

At PCPD, Anna questions Rafe. He tells her he and his mom came here to find Lucy. His mom had strange ideas and thought Lucy was the only answer. She left him with the arrow for protection. But he left with a girl he met, Molly. When he returned, Alison was struggling with someone who looked just like John, but with longer hair. He stabbed Alison. Rafe pulled out the arrow and when he looked up, the man who stabbed her was then holding a gun. He begs Anna to believe him. Meanwhile, Sam debriefs McBain about her chat with Lucy after he tells her that Alison was killed. Lucy told Sam that Alison’s son was not fathered by her husband Rafe, but by Caleb. When Rafe found out he went after Caleb and it is the last anyone has heard or seen of her husband. Molly comes by the station with Danny and tells them about her meal with Rafe. He told her that sometimes her wished he could be free of his mom. John goes into the holding room and Rafe attacks him, accusing him of killing his mom. They take him out for booking.

At the Rib, Felicia wonders how Maxie will look during pregnancy - Frisco used to call her an overripe peach. Mac is jealous but she assures him he is the only man in her life. Kevin shows up and Felicia is glad he is here to help Lucy. He acknowledges that Lucy became obsessed with the idea she was a slayer. When they broke up it seemed to go away for a while. But coming back to Port Charles brought back all these emotions and Lucy is convinced all the fantasies are real. Felicia tells him that Lucy was truly terrified when she saw John, so how could it all be in her head? Kevin still loves her but things change. Felicia thinks love defies all odds. Kevin commends her and Mac for finding that love, but his situation is different. They don’t have a vampire between them. Mac wonders if Frisco counts. Later, Mac goes to the stockroom. Frisco walks in and finds Felicia alone.

At Ferncliff, Todd was found sane during his evaluation. Now he has to go back to PCPD and await trial. Lucy is concerned that the longer she is locked up, the more people will be hurt by Caleb. Heather shows up and is curious as to what she missed. Todd freaks when he sees her but she accuses him of overreacting. She has a plan that will get them out and Todd reluctantly wants in. Heather is cool with that as long as he knows she is the boss. She made friends with the staff and encouraged them to start a revolution. There will be a massive walk out tonight, and they will be right behind them. Later, the trio walks out with the staff but run into Kevin.

Caleb trespasses at the pier crime scene.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Starr tells Michael she sent her father back to prison.

Kevin wants to know who Lucy’s friends are and where they think they are going.

Britt calls Lulu with information about the baby.

Mac asks Frisco what the hell he is doing here.

Olivia has a vision of Sabrina and Steve in the shower together.

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