Luke joins Tracy at Kelly’s and apologizes for not being there for her when Edward died. She hands over a copy of the Sun and laments that ELQ is joining Edward in the afterlife. He immediately guesses she is the one to leak the story. She explains what happened and has a feeling Connie might keep her secret. Though now she thinks she may have a chance getting ELQ back because there may be another heir! She needs Luke’s help figuring out who it could be through his niece Caroline.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie tells AJ and Michael that she got the story about ELQ from Sonny. Sonny swears she is lying but Michael doesn’t believe him and leaves with AJ. Sonny snaps on Connie. He admits he loves Kate and he wants her back, but she is here now and he wanted to support her when Trey died. He felt compassion for her and she repaid him by putting his daughter in jail and turning his son against him. Sooner or later no one will be there for her.

At the hospital, Liz and Sabrina listen in as Britt tries to convince Patrick she didn’t tell Emma she didn’t like her. Britt wants to present a united front and tell Emma they will be together. He doesn’t think Britt purposefully tried to hurt Emma and they hug. Sabrina is disgusted. Later, Sabrina tells them the bank put a stop payment on their check from Tracy. Liz gets rid of Britt by telling her a patient needs her then dashes off with hopes to come back with good news about the ball. Alone, Patrick tells Sabrina he thinks Emma lied to her about what happened. He answers a page as Britt returns. She tells Sabrina she is not going anywhere and there is nothing she or Patrick’s spoiled brat of a little girl can do about it. Patrick overhears.

Alison sees John at PCPD and thinks he is Caleb. When she sees Sam she grabs her, sure she is Livvie, her best friend. Alison wants to find Lucy, but when she can’t convince Sam to come with her she runs off. Sam and Caleb look up Alison on the database and see she married someone named Rafe Kovich, then nothing. They think Lucy put her up to it to make herself look sane. Sam insists on going to Ferncliff and promises to stay away from Todd and Heather. John answers a call from Alison asking him to meet her at the pier.

Molly is startled at the pier by Rafe, who is holding his arrow. He assures her he is not going to hurt her and stashes the arrow. He asks if she knows Lucy and she tells him about her attack on John. She offers to buy him lunch when he asks for her stale bread. He stashes his backpack behind a barrel. Alison returns, finds his bag and grabs the arrow.

At Ferncliff Lucy tries to convince Kevin that John is the vampire Caleb and that Sam, who is really Livvie, is in real danger. So is Alison and her son. Kevin agrees to help her – by getting her the medical treatment she needs. She helped him through the darkest time in his life and he wants to be there for her. But he thinks he makes it worse. Her delusions have destroyed everything they had. Later, Sam visits Lucy and asks about Alison.

At ELQ, Michael is not 100 percent sure Sonny did it but will help AJ figure out the solution. AJ feels a bit sick so Michael leaves to get food. Alone, AJ gets worse. Liz arrives as he seems to be having a heart attack.

At Kelly’s, Rafe and Molly get to know each other and bond over their crazy families. He loves his mom but she is completely dysfunctional. Sometimes he starts to imagine being free of her and able to take care of himself instead of depending on the kindness of strangers. He leaves Molly to go meet his mom back at the pier. Later, Michael joins Tracy and Luke at the bar and tells them that Connie told them Sonny leaked the story to the Sun. Tracy is shocked.

Alison waits for John by the pier, clutching the arrow. Later, she is lying in a pool of blood, seemingly dead. Rafe is holding the arrow and then John walks up.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ellie doesn’t believe Maxie is glad she is going to be okay.

Patrick insists Sabrina hear what he has to say to Britt.

Liz works on AJ.

Sam asks Lucy if she got Alison to back up her story.

John calls for backup to the pier for a possible homicide. He has a suspect.

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