Sonny runs into Tracy outside Kelly’s and apologizes for not being able to help her. She is mad. Since he wouldn’t lift a finger to help her, Michael may suffer. Since he is old enough to hitch his star to AJ’s wagon he is old enough to handle it when she fixes that wagon. Later, Sonny tells Olivia about Kristina’s attack. He tried to get Connie to drop the charges but she is set on moving forward. He tells Olivia that they connected and it felt good, but not as good as with Kate. He cares about Connie. But Kate is the woman he loves. Inside, Alice meets Tracy with a note from Ned. He says not to give up on ELQ yet because he thinks there may be another Q heir. Tracy rushes to the Sun to make sure nothing goes to press.

At PCPD Sam and Alexis express concern for John’s injury and they all speculate whether Todd’s insanity plea will work. Their talk turns to Lucy as Kevin Collins arrives. Alexis and Kevin hug and he apologizes for leaving her alone with Lucy. Kevin knows all about Caleb. He has been subject to Lucy’s ravings for many years. Supposedly he was obsessed with a daughter Kevin doesn’t even have, Livvie. He had to leave before Lucy’s behavior caused damage to the children. She was in a fantasy world of seers, demons and an angel named Rafe. He is relieved Lucy is institutionalized, but he is not staying to help. Alexis insists and lays on the guilt.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie answers a call from Todd, who noticed the paper didn’t come out today. She admits she had some problems but has an issue hot off the press now with the headline "EL Quagmire." Meanwhile, Starr and Michael arrive. Starr likes the way Michael looks in his suit and wants to find a closet. He is tempted but he is determined to get Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Inside, Connie refuses but gives Starr a copy of yesterday’s paper about her dad’s insanity plea. Later, Tracy rushes in too late to stop the press but Connie will keep Tracy’s secret about spilling the beans. They are friends, right?

Lucy overheard Todd’s phone call to Connie and wants in on his plan to escape. He agrees, as long as she tells everyone he is crazy. He is going to say he has DID and needs backup. He starts talking with an accent and calls himself Rod as Starr comes in and busts him. She still has a tape of him confessing to lying about his last bout of DID and will use it if he tries to convince his doctors he is crazy. The doctors come in to take him for his evaluation and Starr insists on joining in. Later, Lucy worries what she will do without Todd. Kevin approaches and she starts to cry.

Monica visits AJ at ELQ. She is worried about Tracy but he is more worried about Carly and Sonny. He is worried they got to Michael. Michael arrives and apologizes for being late. Soon they get a copy of The Sun. Monica accuses Tracy of doing it but AJ thinks Sonny did it. Tracy stepped down because she knew this disaster would happen. Michael doesn’t believe it so they go to the source.

Alison is by the pier and tells her son Rafe that Port Charles is home. She knows being on the run has been hard, but that is all over now. They have an ally here. She pulls out the article about Lucy’s arrest. He thinks Lucy sounds crazy but she insists he trust her. She needs to go find help and gives him an arrow to defend himself. They hug goodbye.

Later, Sonny visits Connie at Manning Enterprises and kisses her. He doesn’t want to deny their connection and hopes they can move forward – without the charges. She wipes her mouth and pushes him away as AJ and Michael arrive. They ask where she got her story. She points the finger at Sonny.

Tracy takes a call from Ned at Kelly’s but doesn’t tell him what happened.

Alison goes to PCPD to ask questions about Lucy. They direct her to John, who she thinks is Caleb.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt asks Patrick how Emma is doing and he wonders if she really cares.

Luke wonders if Tracy was the one to break the story to The Sun.

Sonny begs Michael to believe he didn’t do it.

Alison grabs Sam and tries to convince her to leave with her.

Lucy insists to Kevin that she is the slayer, the one who knows the truth.

Molly is started by Alison’s son Rafe.

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