Sabrina finds Emma feeding the ducks by the docks. She wraps Emma in her coat and realizes her phone is missing. Emma doesn’t want to see her dad because he is with Britt. She said mean things to her and told Emma she doesn’t like her. Sabrina is horrified and tells her it doesn’t matter what Britt thinks. But Patrick loves her so much and he must be scared. Emma is worried he is sad so Sabrina convinces her to go back.

Patrick calls Sabrina from Kelly’s but it goes right to voicemail. He can’t think of any reason why Emma would leave without telling him and Britt assures him she didn’t say anything. Meanwhile, Anna asks Mac to stay with her so she doesn’t fall apart. Sabrina brings in Emma and tells them she found her by the docks feeding ducks. Patrick impresses upon Emma how scared he was and asks why she left. She doesn’t say anything and Mac and Anna lead her off. Sabrina tells Patrick that Emma told her it was because Britt said she doesn’t like Emma. Britt accuses Emma of making it up but Sabrina is sure she was telling the truth. Patrick wants to take Emma back home, without Britt, and Sabrina hugs her goodbye. Alone, Britt threatens Sabrina. Sabrina threatens her right back if she hurts Emma.

Kristina is brought to PCPD with Sonny. Alexis meets them there. Kristina can’t accept that Trey is gone and that Sonny defends Connie. Alexis thinks she can make this go away but Sonny tells her Connie insists on pressing charges. An officer arrives to book Kristina. Sonny offers Alexis to bribe the judge or get Kristina out of the country but Alexis just wants him to convince Connie to see reason. Kristina is brought back because court is closed and has to spend the night in jail.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie is shocked that Tracy wants the documents about her laundering published in the paper. Tracy is ready to shut down ELQ, her father’s life work, so AJ can’t have it. Connie met AJ the other night and didn’t think he was such a bad guy. He was white knuckling the booze but seems to love his son. In Connie’s book that means something. Tracy is sorry for her and Kristina’s loss. Connie confides in Tracy about her rape. She left Trey in a drawer, then she treated him like crap. Tracy tells her that no matter what, Scully loved Trey. Connie breaks down in tears on Tracy’s shoulder, then pulls herself together. She wants to be sure Tracy is ready to go down with the ship if she prints the papers. Tracy is fine with it and Connie agrees to print the documents. Later, Sonny returns to talk about Kristina but Connie is not interested.

AJ makes himself at home in Tracy’s old office and tells Michael it feels sweet being back on top. AJ is excited to run ELQ together. Michael is glad for AJ but has to leave to meet Starr. Later, Duke arrives for an appointment with Tracy and AJ informs him she is never coming back. AJ invites him in and takes credit for taking the pic of Faison in Switzerland. Duke wants work. He has no resume since he spent two decades in a Turkish prison. AJ asks for a good reason to hire him. Duke will take any work so he has a fighting chance to win back Anna. He needs her respect and needs to reinvent himself. AJ understands and welcomes him to ELQ. Later, Tracy returns and pulls her nameplate out of the trash. She wishes AJ luck – he is going to need it.

Michael meets Starr at Alexis’ house. She thinks Kristina went after Connie. Michael calls Alexis and learns Kristina is in jail. Starr convinces him to sit. He tells her that Tracy is out and AJ is in at ELQ. They blackmailed Tracy with documents they got from Johnny. She is glad Johnny helped them out. Michael is worried about AJ though. He has a feeling Tracy will not go down without a fight.

Duke runs into Anna outside Kelly’s and she tells him about Emma. He tells her he got a job and hopes they can celebrate sometime.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny shares with Olivia that Kristina is in trouble.

Todd and Lucy may be able to help each other out.

A mysterious person arrives in Port Charles.

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