AJ visits Tracy at ELQ, not surprised she worked with the mob. Michael arrives with the proof of her dirty dealings he got from Johnny. AJ calls the SEC and asks for the organized crime unit but will hang up if she steps down as CEO. If she does, he will give her the originals. "Et tu, Michael?," she asks. He remembers her comment at the will reading that he didn’t even count and was hurt. She is impressed with his memory, then reminds him about helping him with Abby. Michael asks her to sign anyway. The only problem she ever had with Michael was that he was Sonny’s son. Now that he is AJ’s, it is totally worse. She signs and he hands over the originals. AJ kicks Tracy out and she warns him it isn’t over. AJ makes himself at home.

Felix swoops in on Liz and Sabrina at the nurses’ station to take them out for drinks and won’t take no for an answer. In her room, Ellie gets her release instructions. Steve overhears her need for a home health care aid and is confused since she has Spin. She is surprised to hear he has been calling every hour to checkup on her. Steve tells her that he is glad Olivia forgave his mistake of kissing Maggie or they would be missing out on their current love. He made it his mission to prove he loved her now they are stronger than ever. She is not sure every relationship will have the same positive outcome. He releases her for tomorrow if she has someone to pick her up. She checks her phone – Spin has called her 23 times.

Lulu is force feeding Maxie at The Haunted Star with Dante when Spin shows up with Max and Milo to drown his sorrows about Ellie. Soon, Sabrina, Liz and Felix arrive. Felix tells the ladies to get ready and pairs Liz up with Max, Sabrina with Spin and takes Milo for himself. Sabrina and Spin get a table and talk about their lost loves while Milo and Felix discuss pumping iron. At the bar, Lulu watches Sabrina and Spin talk and walks up just as Spin confesses he slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve. Lulu freaks. Spin takes the blame and Lulu apologizes to Maxie for being so overprotective. Maxie finds Spin and realizes he and Ellie are over. She is about to tell him the baby is his when Ellie calls and he rushes off. Milo finally informs Felix he is not gay while Liz advises Max on his mole, so their nights were busts too. Later, Maxie promises Lulu that nothing will stop her from giving her and Dante a healthy baby. Meanwhile, Sabrina pines over a picture of Emma. She can’t get a cab and starts walking but forgets her phone.

Spin meets Ellie at the hospital. She loves him and is ready to move forward with him.

Connie works on her book edits at Manning Enterprises when Kristina suddenly attacks her computer with a baseball bat. She is there for payback for killing Trey. Sonny arrives and orders Kristina to put the bat down. "At least Trey is not alive to see what a psycho you are!" Connie screams. Kristina tackles her to the ground, choking her. Connie calls the cops. When Dante shows up Kristina admits she tried to kill Connie. Sonny urges Connie not to have Kristina arrested. She refuses and he stomps off. Later, Tracy arrives looking for Todd with a big scoop. She hands over the proof of her laundering to Connie. If she can’t have ELQ, no one can.

Patrick and Britt meet back at their table at Kelly’s but Emma is gone. They run outside right into Anna who calls a unit immediately. The cops canvass the place but no one saw Emma leave. Anna asks Patrick if she has been upset about anything. He admits she was upset about his new woman. Britt recalls her rant at the little girl but tells Anna nothing happened. Patrick thinks she might be with Sabrina. He calls her but doesn’t get an answer.

By the pier, Sabrina thinks about her near kiss with Patrick. She finds Emma alone by the water.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick can’t understand why Emma would just leave.

Mac comforts Anna.

Tracy informs Connie that AJ and Michael won’t be able to run a company if there is no company left to run.

Alexis meets Sonny and Kristina at PCPD.

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