Emma is surly with Britt at Kelly’s and insists on going to the bathroom by herself. Britt is just glad Emma hasn’t specifically said she doesn’t like her. Patrick admits she actually has. He leaves to take a call and Emma remains short with Britt. Britt yells she doesn’t like Emma either but she is not going anywhere. They are stuck with each other and Emma needs to get over it. She marches to the bathroom while Emma sits alone and cries. Later Patrick returns at the same time as Britt, but Emma is gone.

Liz and Sabrina talk about Patrick’s date with Emma and Britt at the nurse’s station. Liz lets Sabrina know he almost turned her down because she told him how awful Britt is to Sabrina. Sabrina is mortified until Liz tells her that Patrick thinks he is the one who has done something wrong and that is why she doesn’t want to babysit. Sabrina still thinks it is best to keep her distance. Liz tells her how broken up Patrick and Emma are, so how can she let Britt take her place? Sabrina really wants to be the person to give Emma love and support, but she can’t and can only hope Britt can learn to love her. Emma deserves to have a family again.

Starr visits Kristina at Alexis’s house. She is depressed and watching "Mob Princess." It is all she has left of Trey thanks to Connie. Kristina is sure Connie is going to get away with everything – unless she gets revenge herself. Molly and Starr stop her from going after Connie. Nothing will bring Trey back. Starr encourages her to take a shower and go register for classes at PCU. Kristina agrees but later Starr realizes Kristina is gone.

Connie arrives at Manning Enterprises in a fantastic mood but is startled by TJ. He apologizes for her loss. She accepts it then tries to shoo him off. He was hoping she would reconsider and give Molly her book back. She refuses – she is the same old bitch she ever was and "Love in Maine" is still hers. He taunts her with the fact she won’t be able to handle any questions about the book since she didn’t write it. He asks what it will take and she tells him to come back in a few years. She doesn’t do jailbait. He apologizes again about Trey before he leaves. Later, Kristina shows up and slams her computer with a baseball bat.

AJ goes by MetroCourt to let Carly know he told Michael that she tried to get him to drink. Ned listens in as she calls AJ out for trying to make her look bad when he was the one making out with Sonny’s girlfriend. AJ wants Carly’s help getting Tracy out at ELQ to save Michael from getting involved in an SEC investigation. He tells her about his visit with Heather and wonders if there is another heir. Carly refuses to tell him anything. Ned emerges after AJ leaves and asks Carly what she knows. She refuses to say anything. He encourages her to call him when she changes her mind, which she will.

Michael visits Johnny in jail. Johnny apologizes for what he did to Starr and asks about Carly. He encourages Michael to be there for her. Michael also wants to be there for AJ and maybe Johnny has the proof he needs. Johnny has the proof but accuses Michael of compromising himself, dealing with someone he despises for a company he doesn’t even care about. Michael wants to make his own mistakes with AJ. And Carly will never take Johnny back anyway so he has nothing to lose.

Sonny meets Tracy at ELQ. She wants his help taking down AJ. She could go to prison for a long time if he doesn’t. She married Anthony because he was blackmailing her with proof she kept ELQ afloat with Solito money. She could go to prison and AJ would get carte blanche to ruin ELQ - and Michael. Sonny understands and hopes she succeeds in taking AJ down but he can’t be a part of it. AJ returns as Sonny leaves and later, Michael shows up with the proof.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick tells Anna that Emma is missing.

Tracy doesn’t want to go to prison.

Lulu asks Maxie again if there is something she needs to tell her and Dante.

Ellie confides in Steve that while she cares about Damien, she can’t forgive him.

Sabrina, Liz and Felix arrive at the Haunted Star where Max and Milo are drinking.

Sonny yells for Kristina to stop attacking Connie.

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