Spin tells Ellie in her hospital bed that he got drunk on schnapps and slept with Maxie in New Year’s Eve. She is devastated and demands every gory detail. Ellie assumes Maxie went to look for him specifically. She was on the couch while Ellie was getting ready. She accuses Maxie of tampering with her car so she could take her place on the roof. She is also disgusted with Maxie and him for having sex after the IVF, which could compromise the pregnancy. He tries to convince her he loves her but she throws him out anyway. Alone, she cries.

Dante and Lulu overhear Britt at the hospital and wonder what Maxie needs to tell them. Maxie insists she is fine but acts very strange. Steve suggests they ask Britt. Maxie glares at her."There is nothing wrong with this baby," Britt says. Suddenly, Olivia sees Maxie holding the dog again and tries to describe what it looks like. Maxie spots Spin and realizes Olivia is seeing a jackal. She tells Lulu she is coming off like a paranoid control freak and Lulu agrees to be more rational. Britt looks concerned and later Maxie insists that passing off the baby as Dante and Lulu’s is for the best – provided Britt keeps her mouth shut.

Patrick and Emma chat about school over hot cocoa at Kelly’s. Sabrina arrives and Emma runs to her. Patrick breaks the news that Sabrina will not be sitting again. "Don’t you like us anymore?" Emma asks. Sabrina insists she loves Emma. Emma is worried Sabrina is too busy for the Nurse’s Ball too – they are supposed to do something all together! Sabrina assures her they couldn’t have the ball without Emma, but they might not perform as a group. Later, Sabrina overhears Patrick suggest they hang out with Britt. Emma doesn’t like Britt. She’s mean and she doesn’t want her to be her new mommy. Emma wants Sabrina to be her new mommy and runs to her. Later, Sabrina grabs her food and runs off. Emma tells Patrick she loves Sabrina while Sabrina looks at them longingly from outside. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante sit at the counter and discuss the baby. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen. He wants her to enjoy the fact their baby is on the way.

At home, Connie admits to Sonny that she and Olivia chatted about him while he was gone. He has been nothing but good to her since the accident. She fell down and he helped her up. She thanks him, honestly and from her heart. She gets upset when she thinks he is looking for Kate, not her. He tells her he does see her. She has been through so much, facing what no one should have to face. He tells her when you love someone and they disappear, you don’t stop loving them. So yes, he wants to see Kate and she is not there and it hurts. He helped her through Trey's death for her, not for Kate. He admits he did do it for her, not Kate. Connie thinks they have something together. Does he feel it? Sonny admits there is something there. She could get used to it. He pulls away and she thinks he wishes she didn’t exist so he could have Kate back. Kate isn’t who he loved in high school – he loved her! He admits this is screwed up. She throws him out and alone she cries.

Anna tells Luke that Robert is a coma thanks to Obrecht. Suddenly Duke appears at the door and Luke grabs him, assuming it is Faison. Anna intervenes and Duke tells his story. Faison found him in the Turkish prison. He was in bad shape. When he realized his savior was Faison he knew the price would be high. He fed Faison some false memories, but he was obsessed with Anna. Duke thanks him, but admits he is still in love with Anna. Luke did a lot of thinking in Turkey and realized he is also in love with her. She worries he resents her but he insists they were on the brink of something real. Anna is hurt and humiliated and wants space from both of them. Luke leaves her alone with Duke. Duke knows he has a disadvantage because of Faison. But he will always love her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Johnny tells Todd they are going to Pentonville - together.

Felix is glad Carly didn't crawl into a hole and die.

Patrick looks for Sabrina.

Tracy informs Ned that keeping Lucy batty is the only thing keeping AJ at bay.

Michael asks AJ how Heather could help him gain control of ELQ.

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