Lulu thinks Luke has been killed in Turkey, but he soon emerges to give her a hug. He took a bullet meant for one of the guards and has been in the infirmary ever since. The guard gets the papers for his release while he catches up with Lulu, who is worried about Maxie and the baby. They are all anxious to get back to Port Charles. Luke signs and they give him back his passport and Dante hopes they make it back in time for Maxie’s doctor’s appointment.

At the hospital, Britt informs Maxie she is already pregnant. She asks if Maxie has had sex recently and she tells Britt about Spin - and his girlfriend. She loves him, but he wants to be with Ellie. Britt knows plenty of guys who get excited when they find out they are going to be a dad and encourages her to tell him. Meanwhile, Ellie shows Spin her wiggling toes in her room and they are both ecstatic. Steve deems she will fully heal with time. Ellie is sure having Spin by her side is what helped and they lovingly stare at each other. He leaves to get her ice cream and runs into Maxie in the hall. He tells her the good news about Ellie’s prognosis. He feels closer than ever to Ellie and it is not because he is getting over Maxie or guilt. It is just because of her and who they are together. She doesn’t say anything about the baby and he returns to Ellie and admits he slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, Maxie runs into Britt in the hall - she couldn’t tell Spin. Britt tells her carrying a baby for Lulu and Dante is no longer an option. Decisions need to be made but this will remain between them while she thinks about what to tell Lulu and Dante, who just happen to walk up.

At the Rib, Duke admits to Felicia and Mac that thoughts of Anna kept him alive all his years in captivity. He knew she would move on but always dreamt one day they would be reunited. Duke wonders if Faison actually succeeded in taking everything from him considering Anna recoils when he touches her. And now there is another man in the way. Mac insists Duke try to talk with Anna, but he does not want to push her further away. Later, Felicia thinks Maxie is hiding something but Mac encourages her not to worry.

Anna calls Sonny into her office and reads him Faison’s statement about Jason’s murder and his role in Kristina’s kidnapping. She explains the Duke switcheroo and how she is having a hard time reconnecting with him. She wonders why she is confiding in him and he brings up their shared connection to Robin. She confided in Sonny, and Anna can too. They discuss Johnny’s confession and then Trey. Sonny thinks Connie has become more vulnerable. Anna wonders if Sonny cares about Connie but to him it would feel like he is cheating on Kate. She gets them back on track and tells him the case on Jason’s death has been closed. He appreciates being informed and she apologizes to him about his loss. She ignores a call from Duke. Later, Luke returns and she hugs him fiercely. She fills him in on Robert when suddenly, Duke walks in.

Connie wakes up at home and calls out for Sonny, but he is gone. Olivia is there to watch over her while he is out. She admits that she missed Connie. Sometimes she feels more like that best friend she grew up with than Kate ever could. Olivia shows off her engagement ring and they get giddy. Later, Connie fills Olivia in on how great Sonny has been and Olivia guesses she has feelings for him. She admits he has that rough and sweet thing going on, but she is not an idiot. He is only nice to her to try and get Kate out. Olivia thinks he is only concerned about her. Later, the two of them cha cha together and when Sonny returns Olivia admits things are good. Alone with Sonny, Connie asks why he is being so nice to her. He just sympathizes as a parent. She admits having a good time with Olivia.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spin wants to know how to make things better with Ellie but she throws him out.

Lulu asks Britt if everything is okay with the baby.

Olivia sees Maxie holding the puppy again.

Connie demands to know why Sonny is suddenly in her corner.

Luke tells Anna – in front of Duke – that he is in love with her.

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