From her hospital room, Maxie dodges questions about the baby from Lulu, who is in Turkey. Maxie gets off the phone quickly when Britt comes in and admits she hasn’t told Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage. Couldn’t Britt just slip her another embryo? Britt takes some blood work to check her levels to see if it is even possible they could do it and will return in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Patrick examines Ellie in her room. He wants her to be patient and optimistic despite no change. Spin encourages Ellie to remain strong. She will not feel sorry for herself but cries anyway. Spin will not give up hope and leaves to get her gift from the car. He runs into Maxie and lets her know Ellie is still not feeling anything. She questions him about why he hasn’t called her. He admits he slept with her because he thought he and Ellie were over. He told Maxie they were meant to be together but he was mistaken. He will always love Maxie, but he chooses Ellie. She asks him to leave. Later, Britt tells Maxie that she is already pregnant. Spin returns to Ellie’s room with a movie to watch and she is overjoyed to show him – her toes are moving!

In Turkey, Lulu and Dante try to get information about Luke. The place is on lockdown but Dante assures her they will find Luke. Lulu is also worried about Maxie and what she needed to tell her. She is distracted by a blood splatter on the wall. A Turkish officer returns and tells them Luke was shot and Lulu worries he is dead.

At the Q estate, AJ needles Tracy about Lucy. She isn’t worried. There is an insanity clause in the ELQ bylaws, so Tracy can fire Lucy and remain CEO solo. Unless there is another vote, AJ counters. Tracy is sure Lucy will be found guilty and stomps off. AJ wants to find Lucy and asks Michael to cover for him if Tracy asks where he is going. Michael is nervous but AJ assures him lying is in his DNA. Tracy returns and questions Michael about where AJ is. He stumbles with his explanation and she is shocked by how bad of a liar he is with Q genes. She guesses he went to Lucy and wishes her father was there to explain to Michael why AJ is incompetent.

Heather approaches Lucy at Ferncliff. She believes Lucy, and Lucy is relieved, but is skeptical she still will when she learns it is about vampires. She fills Heather in about what happened at Kelly’s and they reminisce about those good BLTs. Heather’s ears perk up when she learns McBain was Lucy’s target and is overjoyed to learn Lucy is Ms. Coe. Lucy is horrified to learn she is Heather. They face off and Heather assures her they will be sharing anti-aging cream when they are 80. AJ suddenly arrives and tries to convince Lucy he believes in her. Tracy is getting her booted but he can help. He needs her to take back her share of ELQ and sign it over to AJ. He promises her they will run ELQ together and stomp out Caleb and his posse of bloodsuckers. Lucy refuses to deal with it now and leaves him alone with Heather, who thinks she can help.

Todd pleads not guilty in court. He blames Heather, but if you do crazy things you are a crazy person and so pleads insanity himself. John and Carly shake their heads. Diane claims he suffered PTSD and presents the case of Todd’s past. Todd looks at Carly as he tells the judge he needs psychiatric help, not prison. Carly objects! Todd was in his right mind with her and has to take responsibility for his choices. She encourages him to admit what he did, and she will stand by him. He thinks it is crazy that he didn’t trust her. But he doesn’t change his plea. She is sorry he is not the man she thought he was. The judge remands Todd to Ferncliff for an evaluation and Diane warns him it is no picnic there.

Tuesday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu learns Luke was shot in prison.

Spin is ecstatic about Ellie’s health news.

Mac encourages Duke to give Anna some time.

Anna asks Sonny if he has feelings for Connie.

Connie hugs Olivia over her engagement news.

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