At the hospital, Britt is looking for Patrick and Sabrina directs her to the locker room. Delighted, Britt runs off. Sabrina runs into Epiphany, who is mad and looking for Felix. She covers but Epiphany doesn’t buy it. Meanwhile, Diane brings guards to Todd’s room to take him to court. John arrives to personally escort him and Todd has a good chuckle over his staking. Epiphany insists John get back in bed. He refuses and Diane informs him the hospital is not liable when he collapses. Later, Epiphany questions Sabrina and she admits Felix is securing a venue for the ball. She admits Felix told her not to tell Epiphany because she had no sense of fun. Epiphany insists she is one of the most fun people she knows!

Britt finds Patrick in the locker room, too late to join him in the shower. She is ready to go to a bed, but he has a babysitting problem now that Sabrina quit. She pulls out the name of a sitting agency, but he is not thrilled. Sabrina will be hard to replace. Britt offers instead to take this time to get to know Emma. She’ll even break her no-carb rule and make pancakes. Patrick clarifies that he wants to see her, but he wants what is best for Emma and can’t think long-term. She agrees to take it one day at a time.

In Todd’s hotel room, Felix is concerned about Carly’s hair. He guesses it has something to do with a man. She doesn’t want to talk and fights the spins. Felix orders her some room service, all foods to make her feel better. She lets him know she cut her hair over Todd, and he tells her how he got himself beat in order to escape. She isn’t shocked. He offers to fix her hair for her but she will have her people downstairs do it. She does fill him in on her regretful evening. She needs to stop and think about how she got there and prevent it from happening again. He encourages her to get herself fixed and parade in front of that buster Todd. She offers Felix compensation for taking care of her and donates the ballroom for free. Felix declares her a goddess and Todd a fool. She agrees.

Lucy, Mac, Alexis and Felicia meet at court for Lucy’s arraignment. Alexis insists Lucy not talk, and plead not guilty insanity. Tracy busts in. She can’t have Lucy saying she is insane and give AJ more ammo. She threatens to withdraw her check from the nurse’s ball if Lucy doesn’t let up on the vampire talk. She begrudgingly agrees and Alexis coaches her to plead not guilty. Later, Todd, Diane and John arrive. Diane tells Todd that Carly probably would have stood by him if he told her the truth. For all of her faults she is remarkably loyal. John goes in. Lucy spots John and tries to attack him. Mac pulls her off and amidst the chaos Alexis shouts she is changing the plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Tracy is horrified. Alexis tells her to look on the bright side – Lucy won’t go to jail. Carly arrives with a new do and a red dress for the arraignment. Diane instructs Todd to plead not guilty and say nothing else. He pleads but then continues - the person who did those things is not him.

Michael visits AJ at the Q mansion. AJ is not deterred by Tracy. He shows Michael the article about Lucy - ELQ is theirs for the taking. If they can prove Lucy is crazy, that is grounds for a re-vote. Michael is worried AJ had a drink the night before but he insists he didn’t – despite Carly’s best efforts. He ran into her at The Floating Rib. He was struggling with the urge and she offered to buy him a drink. She was drunk and upset and while AJ didn’t drink, he spent the night with her to make sure she was okay. Michael is miffed AJ didn’t call him but impressed AJ stayed with Carly after all she has done to him. Later, they overhear Tracy on the phone with Ned.

Lucy is brought into Ferncliff to wait for an evaluation. Heather is there and tells her she believes her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd pleads not guilty because he is insane.

Lulu is worried about more than Luke. She is worried about Maxie too.

Britt insists Maxie tell Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage but she has another idea.

Heather Webber introduces herself to a disgusted Lucy.

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