At the nurse’s station, Sabrina is worried about making Patrick uncomfortable by working on the ball. Felix is concerned that without Sabrina the ball won’t happen. She agrees she needs to start thinking like Lucy and they gossip about how weird her vampire thing is.

Duke meets Anna at her office. She understands it is not easy for him to be in Port Charles again, especially with her so busy. He thinks it will take time for both of them to adjust. A cop arrives and tells her Dante is in Turkey and McBain is in the hospital. Lucy Coe staked him. Anna leaves Duke with some money for a cab and goes to see McBain.

Carly wakes up in Todd’s bed. She is hungover and worried she slept with Todd. AJ emerges from the shower in just a towel and taunts that it was he she slept with. She tries to piece together the night before and gets as far as leaving Kelly’s. He cuddles up to her and she looks horrified. He eventually lets her know they did not really sleep together. He shows her the damage she did to Todd’s clothes with the scissors. She is mortified, then screams when she sees her chopped hair. Last night sucked for AJ too. He hands her a bottle of water and leaves. Later, Felix comes by to book the MetroCourt ballroom, but is immediately more concerned about her hair.

Mac and Felicia enjoy French toast at Kelly’s. She can’t wait to see Lucy. Shawn overhears and tells them about Lucy’s attempt to murder John. Alexis confirms with the latest edition of the Sun – "CoeCoe goes Cuckoo." Felicia leaves to hear her side of the story. Mac and Alexis discuss Lucy and decide she needs some help. Alexis knows just the person and leaves a message for Kevin Collins.

Sam watches over McBain in his hospital. She opens the blinds and they joke that the reason they felt they knew each other from before is they are vampires. Two souls connect, one soul waits centuries for the other to be reborn. He asks her to check on Todd and she leaves. Anna visits and fills him in on work. He wonders why she isn’t happier that Duke is back. She admits she just sees Faison.

Todd and Diane chuckle about McBain getting staked in his hospital room. She admits it would have been easy getting Todd off with the initial charges, but that as before the bribe and escape attempt. At least she is the only one who still knows he covered up that DNA test who proved Jason was the father. Sam overhears. "You son of a bitch," she says to Todd. Diane takes a call from the court and leaves him alone with Sam. She blames him for Jason never knew Danny was his son. Now that she knows the truth so will everyone else and he will lose everything. Diane returns with guards to escort him to court.

Sam returns to John’s room and tells him Todd is an even lower human being that she realized.

From the mansion, Monica leaves a voicemail for AJ. Tracy thinks he got drunk after his ELQ defeat. Monica accuses Tracy of trying to destroy the family by appointing Lucy as co-CEO. Tracy defends her actions as the only way to maintain control. She tweets that she is thrilled with her choice of new CEO, Lucy Coe, and her followers will be too. Meanwhile, Monica looks at the paper and waits for Tracy to post before showing her the headline. Tracy tries to recall her announcement, but she can’t and stomps off. Later, AJ returns and Monica is relieved. They hug and she smells booze. He explains that Carly spilled on him, then he spots the paper. He is shocked by the story about Lucy and realizes that he may have a chance to run ELQ yet.

In her cell, Lucy has flashbacks of her time with Caleb. Duke hears her screaming and goes to her. She thinks he is Joshua Temple, Caleb’s assistant. Felicia arrives and she and Duke have a sweet reunion. Lucy is assured by Felicia that he is really Duke. Lucy never told Felicia before about the vampires because she didn’t want to worry her. She begs them to believe her and get her out of there. Duke pulls Felicia aside and tells her he will not go to the arraignment and Lucy begs him to go to hunt down Caleb instead. Soon, Alexis arrives as her lawyer. Outside, Anna stops Tracy from seeing Lucy.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Brit wants to get Patrick in a nice, big bed.

AJ tells Michael that if they play it the right way, ELQ is theirs for the taking.

Felix commiserates with Carly over liking bad boys.

John wants to personally supervise Todd’s transfer to the courthouse.

Lucy begs Mac to kill Caleb.,

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