Diane visits Johnny in his cell. She is frustrated that he attacked Todd but Johnny warns her that Todd taunted him into beating him so he could escape from the hospital. Diane is sure he won’t get far since all his money has been frozen.

Felix is late meeting Sabrina at the nurse’s station, but it was an emergency – Magic Milo needed a spotter at the gym! A beaten Todd is wheeled in on a stretcher and he distracts Felix enough to sneak a paper clip from his chart before they wheel him into a room. Alone, he picks his handcuffs. Outside, Michael offers to take Kristina home so Alexis can get Molly and she agrees. Steve comes out with Trey’s personal effects and Kristina takes them. Meanwhile, Sabrina runs into Starr and tells her about Todd. Starr goes into Todd’s room and berates him for betraying her trust. He is sure to tell her he loves her anyway before she stomps off. Steve returns and tells Todd there was no lasting damage so he can go back to jail soon. Todd thanks ‘Dr. Drake’ so Steve orders a CT scan to determine if he is lying. After Steve leaves, Diane catches Todd picking his cuffs and warns him that if he leaves he will lose Carly and Starr – and her.

At Kelly’s, Lucy sees John and thinks he is Caleb Morley, king of the vampires, and warns him to stay away as she waves a butter knife at him. She pulls out a cross and when Sam emerges from the bathroom she mistakes her for Livvie Locke. She threatens to kill John and he quickly gets Sam and Danny outside while she shatters a chair. She comes screaming at John and stabs him with a stake! Alexis and Shawn turn the corner and grab Lucy while Sam comforts John. Lucy can’t believe no one remembers the vampire infestation ten years ago. Lucy is sure that Sam is not Alexis’ daughter, but rather Kevin and Grace Reese’s daughter.

John is rushed into the hospital and Sabrina grabs a disguised Todd to look him over. He declares it a run of the mill staking and tries to leave as John weakly tries to stop him. Sam intervenes and catches him. Meanwhile, John was able to tell Steve, Sabrina and Felix that Lucy was to blame.

Sonny helps Connie get into her apartment. He offers to make her food but she just wants to drink. They want for nothing at Chez Zacchara. She pours him a tall one and offers up a toast to the Brooklyn girl made good. All she had to do is marry a lout and take the rap for killing two kids and she got everything she wanted - everything but her son. He assures her he will see her through it no matter what if she will let him. She might be okay with him sitting here with her. No talking, just sitting together.

Carly lets herself and AJ into Todd’s room at the MetroCourt. She makes herself a drink and starts shredding Todd’s shirts, but it doesn’t make her feel better. AJ gets the scissors away from her and holds them to her neck. It is tempting to kill her for all the times she has messed with him. But he is having too much fun watching her suffer to change that now. He bets there were people lining up to warn her about Johnny and Todd but she knew better, right? When did she become such a soft touch? He remembers when she skanked her own mother’s husband away from her. She has spent her whole life using people, and now Johnny and Todd have used her. She tells AJ she can’t stand the sight of herself. She grabs the scissors and starts cutting her hair off. He grabs her and comforts her until she passes out. Only she could take all the joy out of a revenge rant. He scoops her up, puts her in the bed and covers her up.

Kristina goes through Trey’s things at Alexis’ house, including his medal. She remembers how much Trey loved Scully and worries he never knew how good he was. Later, Starr joins Michael, who is worried about AJ and Kristina.

Diane returns to Johnny’s cell and tells him Todd is not fooling anyone. Lucy is brought in and Diane readies her card but holds back after hearing Lucy’s vampire rant.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam welcomes John back to the land of the living.

Lucy sees Duke and accuses him of being a vampire.

AJ tell Carly she was stupid enough to sleep with him.

Todd asks Diane how she will get him out of jail.

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