At the hospital, Sabrina tells Liz that Patrick thinks she was throwing herself at him. Liz doesn’t believe it and asks what Patrick actually said. Sabrina admits Britt was the one who told her how embarrassed Patrick was. Liz wants her to forget about Britt and ask Patrick directly. Britt stole her Christmas movie, so she is capable of anything.

Britt joins Patrick in the locker room and he admits Sabrina is on his mind. Britt acts surprised to hear she quit. She discourages him from speaking with Sabrina about it further and assures him Emma will get over it. She follows him in the shower, naked, and they have sex. Sabrina finds them and runs off, upset. Later, Patrick promises Britt the next time will be on dry land. Alone, he touches his wedding ring.

Mac embraces Lucy at The Floating Rib. They reminisce about the old days and she is happy to hear he is with Felicia. Tracy arrives for her meeting with Lucy and orders two Floating Rib specials. Lucy tells her to do better if she wants her vote and Tracy hands over a piece of paper. "Will this do?" she asks. ELQ is prepared to buy out CoeCoe and underwrite the ball. Lucy tells her the situation with CoeCoe has deteriorated more, so she has to liquidate. She wants a job at ELQ instead - co-CEO. And if she doesn’t get it, she will give her vote to AJ.

Alexis stops AJ from going into Trey’s hospital room. He wreaks havoc everywhere he goes and expects his mommy to clean it up. Michael interrupts them. He tells Alexis that Krissi needs her and she joins her in the room. AJ tells Michael he can get Lucy to make the deciding vote if Michael will sign to remove Tracy. Michael signs. AJ has dreamed of working with Michael and assures him he won’t regret it.

Sonny visits Connie in jail. He’ll pay her bail so she can see Trey and she wonders what the catch is. He knows how helpless and scared she is. He tells her about Michael’s coma and the experimental surgery. He grabs her hands and reiterates that Trey is brain dead. She is upset. She hasn’t done anything for Trey his whole life and now she has to be the one to end it? He promises her she will not be alone.

AJ arrives in the conference room for the Nurse’s Ball meeting and runs into Liz. She tells him Monica suggested Liz be his friend. He is embarrassed but Liz thinks Monica just wants him to have someone to talk to. And she could always use a friend. Lucy arrives and AJ asks her to sign to remove Tracy. But Tracy arrives next with her signed contract with Lucy. Lucy apologizes to AJ but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. AJ storms off, upset they will run ELQ in the ground. Sabrina tells Liz what she saw in the shower right before Patrick and Britt show up. Lucy calls the meeting to order and thanks ELQ for underwriting the ball. Tracy begrudgingly signs the check and Liz congratulates Sabrina, who runs off.

Sonny returns to the hospital with Connie. She asks to see Trey before removing him from life support and goes in alone. Kristina thanks Sonny and gives him a hug. Sonny tells Michael they got a miracle when Michael came out if his coma. He knows there is nothing worse than feeling like you failed you kid. Michael tells him he never failed him. AJ listens to them talk. Inside Trey’s room, Connie admits to being a lousy mother. They had a start and an end and nothing in between. She comments how handsome he is and hoped he had a good life. She should have gotten to know him but she didn’t and that was on her. She takes his hand and starts crying, shocked by its warmth. How can she do this? Later, Sonny goes to get Connie, but she is gone.

AJ sits at the bar at The Floating Rib. Connie comes in and orders a double vodka. She remembers leaving Trey at the hospital. Later she offers to buy AJ a drink.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd tells John he will get Natalie and his kid back for him.

Carly doesn’t understand how Todd could tell Starr the truth but lie to her in the face.

Kristina tells Sonny that Connie doesn’t give a damn about Trey and was just playing him the whole time.

Connie tries to buy AJ a drink.

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