Injured Luke manages to make a call to Anna in Switzerland. She tells him he was right about Duke and Robert has been hurt. Duke paces and listens. A doctor comes out and explains to them that Robert is still in a coma and they have no treatment for it. "He's too mean to die," Anna sobs. She can't stand him but needs him. Duke tries to comfort her. That makes her cringe and jump back. They apologize to each other. He knows it will take her time to see him for him.

Sabrina runs into Patrick at the hospital. He wants to talk about New Year's Eve. Britt eavesdrops and then interrupts with Ellie's chart. Patrick looks concerned and walks off. Britt questions Sabrina and tells her Patrick was 'mortified' when she tried to kiss him at midnight. "You're making Patrick very uncomfortable," Britt says, lecturing her for 'fraternizing' and placing the Drake in disciplinary danger.

Down the hall, Spinelli confesses to Ellie that he wasn't alone last night. He drank himself to oblivion and ended up with Maxie. She assumes he was just 'keeping her company'. That's not the euphemism he would use. Patrick enters and checks her feet. There's no feeling. She starts to panic. Patrick says that it may only be temporary swelling. They will have to wait a week to know. Ellie's terrified. She needs Spinelli to help her through it. He cradles her and promises they will deal with the outcome together, whatever it is. Meanwhile, Patrick runs into Sabrina in the hall and she anxiously tells him she has too much of a workload to look after Emma anymore. "Goodbye Dr. Drake," she says.

At home, Maxie tries writing Lulu and Dante a note about losing their baby. Dante shows up and asks what's up. Lulu follows moments later. Maxie is about to tell them something when Luke calls to inform his daughter that he's in a Turkish prison. She urges him not to break out on his own and then tells him that he is going to be a grandfather. Luke tells his jailer, who doesn't care. There's a riot outside. After an explosion, the line goes dead. Dante tells Lulu they should head to Turkey to find him immediately. Maxie tells them to focus on that and they run off.

At home, Sam sobs and asks for a sign from Jason. McBain shows up and fills her in about Faison. He goes on to say that he found out who shot Jason. He relates the whole story in graphic detail of how Jason was shot and sank. "He's not waiting for you somewhere," he says. He's sorry. She cries. He holds her.

Carly confronts Todd in the cells about the things he did. "I lost Starr. Tell me I didn't lose you too," he asks. She tells him how degrading defending him to Sam was. He claims that he has been honest with her. This whole plot has just been so convoluted he's not sure what the truth is. Todd tries to explain and asks her to understand. She understands but says he still humiliated her. Carly wants to know why he would do that. "Because of Jason," Todd admits. She says she could have fixed things. He tells her that her smile kept him alive and begs her to forgive him. She takes his hand and he kisses her through the bars. He lets it slip that he knew Jason was the baby's father before Sam did. She can't believe he let Jason die without knowing the truth. "You've lost me," she says, adding that they aren't friends and he's a horrible person.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael offers to help AJ get rid of Tracy.

Lucy makes a decision that will impact on AJ.

Connie wants to knock AJ off the wagon.

Britt surprises Patrick in the shower.

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