Carly comes by the penthouse to tell Sam she was right about Todd switching the babies. Johnny was really the one who shot out the tires and Connie was just the cover. Sam knew it! Carly rants to Sam about the months of lies coming out after she made the worst mistake she could have by sleeping with Todd. The worst part is Todd even warned her himself but she thought they were kindred spirits. Jason never judged her but now he is gone. Sam tells her he is not gone but Carly tries to convince her that he was shot and is dead. She is sick of denying the truth. Jason would want her to stand up and move on, and he would want the same for Sam and Danny. Sam refuses to believe it without a body and throws Carly out. Alone, she wonders if she is just kidding herself. She asks Jason to give her a sign when there is knock at the door.

Todd holds a pillow over Johnny’s face in their cell until Dante breaks it up, then leaves them alone again. Todd tells him that Starr already knows about the baby switch so he should call off his goons and prove to her he is as compassionate as he says he is. He already took her family, so why take her father too? What Johnny wants is Carly. Todd doesn’t think she is his to give. Even if he could give him Carly, why would he? Diane arrives to take Johnny to his arraignment. She’ll be back for Todd. Later, Todd gets a visit from Carly.

At the hospital Patrick explains that Trey is brain dead. Kristina, Starr and Connie are devastated. Dante comes by to arrest Connie and warns that if Trey dies she will be arrested for murder. Sonny is convinced Connie is not acting and asks for her to be able to stay with her son. Dante tells them about Johnny’s confession and gives her until the end of the day to face the music. Later, Connie gets off the phone demanding someone, a doctor, get a day pass from prison. She cries to Sonny that the accident is her fault and she is not going to leave Trey now. Meanwhile, Michael takes Kristina for a walk while Starr stays with Trey in his room. She would give anything to have her friend back. Later, Patrick speaks with Michael about next steps. It will be Connie’s decision whether they will turn off the machines and let him go. Connie won’t let them pull the plug. She left him to die once and won’t do it again.

At her place, Maxie tells Spin that she is not pregnant anymore. He sleeps through it, but the delivery man heard and offers his sympathies. Spin also sleeps through a call from Sam, who needs his help looking for Jason. Maxie throws his phone at him as he misses another call from Ellie. He does not remember passing out but does remember drinking too much schnapps and – slowly – he remembers kissing Maxie. He worries that Ellie knows they had sex. Maxie tells him to relax. "She didn't come home last night." Spin worries she went out and slept with someone. Not that he can talk. He wonders if these encounters with Maxie are random or is it kismet? He chose Ellie but at every turn he gravitates back to Maxie. He thinks they are destined to be together and she runs off when he asks what she thinks. He listens to his message about Ellie’s accident and apologizes to Maxie before he leaves. Later she calls Dante and he agrees to come over when he can.

Sabrina wakes up Ellie in her room. She remembers the car coming out of the fog and hitting her. She asks again for Damien. Sabrina left him a message and then hands over the phone so Ellie can listen to Spin’s dismissive message. Sabrina warns her not to get too upset. Spin will understand why she didn’t meet him when he hears what happened. Suddenly Spin arrives and Ellie won’t let him leave. She can bear the broken bones now that Spin is here. She wanted to be with him on New Year’s Eve and can’t stand the thought of him on the roof alone awaiting her arrival, assuming the worst. He admits he assumed the worst but was not alone. Later, Sabrina runs into Patrick in the hall and he wants to talk about New Year’s Eve.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Todd tells Carly that he has lost Starr and hopes he hasn’t lost her too.

Spin explains to Ellie how drunk he was on New Year’s Eve and spent it with Maxie.

Anna gets a call from Luke.

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