Alexis wakes Shawn up in his bed. He was dreaming about her and is more than happy to indulge any of her appetites. She is relieved and asks for - a meatloaf sandwich with cranberries and melted cheese. She wants it bad. He brings it back to her and gets turned on watching her eat it. He hopes her snack has rejuvenated her energy and they make out until she gets a call from Kristina.

Sonny spars alone at the gym when he sees Connie. He gives her grief for not showing up for the shoot but she reveals it is Kate, not Connie. He can’t believe it is really her and touches her face. He missed her so much. She can see how alone he has been. He tells her about Jason being gone, Michael slipping away and Kristina is leaving. But he needs her most of all. She didn’t mean to abandon him when he needed her. They kiss and wish each other a happy New Year. His phone rings and he wakes up, an empty bottle by him. Alexis demands he meet her at the hospital.

Trey’s blood pressure drops at the hospital as Connie and Kristina scream for the doctors to save him. Kristina tries to push Connie out, then Liz tries to get her out but she refuses to leave her kid. Steve throws Kristina and Connie out as they bicker and Liz removes them. Steve keeps working on Trey.

In the hallway Starr is devastated by Johnny’s betrayal. She should have listened to Todd. She is hit by the fact she almost killed Connie tonight because of it. Michael reminds her of all the wrong that Connie has done too. Jason told him once that bad things happen fast but you get through it slow. She promises to lean on him if she needs to but first she wants to find Todd. He always puts her first. Meanwhile, Carly calls Johnny a hypocrite and a liar but he tells her Todd is just as bad as he is. He tells her and Dante that Todd knew the entire time Johnny shot out Anthony’s tires. He didn’t go to the cops because he switched the babies on purpose and he has proof. Two of his guys were burying Anthony and saw Todd take Sam’s live baby out of the planter and put him in Tea’s arms. Carly looks at Todd and realizes it is true. She recoils from his advance. She would have forgiven him if he had only trusted her enough to tell her the truth. She is no hypocrite, but he lied to her face over and over. Starr is going to be devastated when she finds out. Starr walks up just then and hears them talking. She tells Todd he is more messed up than he ever thought possible. Michael chases after her while Dante arrests Todd and leads him off with Johnny. Carly takes one last look. She sure can pick ‘em. Later, Kristina calls Alexis to meet her. She and Connie keep fighting by the elevators about who loves Trey more. Kristina attacks Connie and blame her for the accident as Sonny and Alexis arrive and pull them apart. Kristina tells them Trey had unbuckled his seatbelt to get her phone and then they crashed. Alexis takes her to the cafeteria and alone with Connie Sonny asks if she is okay. She starts to cry and holds her. She asks him not to let her go. He mistakenly calls her Kate and she bristles. She does not want him to touch her again.

Starr and Michael go to Trey’s room. Things are not going well and Liz escorts them out. Kristina and Alexis come back and Connie and Sonny walk up as Steve comes out and tells them he is sorry.

Dante puts Johnny and Todd in the same cell. They deserve each other. Alone, Todd congratulates Johnny for getting what he always wanted. So why did he have to take Todd down with him?

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ellie asks Sabrina where Damien is.

Spin tells Maxie he thinks this is how it was meant to be.

Kristina looks at Trey and wonders why this is happening.

Connie tells Sonny that Trey's suffering is all her fault.

Carly visits Sam and tells her she was right about Todd.

Todd tries to smother Johnny with a pillow.

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