Michael finds Ellie by the side of the road and calls for help. Her pulse is weak but Starr gets her to open her eyes. Connie and Johnny bicker until Kristina calls for help after Trey collapses. Johnny tries to get a pulse. He can’t get cell service and leaves to flag down a car. Connie stops him and he accuses her of not caring if her own son dies.

Steve and Olivia bask in the afterglow at his place. Before they go another round he pulls a ring out of the end table and asks her to marry him. She made him realize he wanted things he never thought he would and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Through tears, she says yes. Later, she is admiring her ring when Steve gets a call about the accident. She did not see this coming. Weird since she sees everything else.

Dante and Lulu bask in the afterglow in their bed, eating ice cream. She feels guilty that they can do what they want while Maxie is acting like a nun. He encourages her to relax. They are interrupted by a call from Michael who tells them about the accident. Later, Olivia comes by to tell them about the engagement and shows off her ring to Lulu. They get giddy about it.

Michael returns to the crash site and tells them an ambulance is on the way. Starr joins Johnny and asks if he was lying when he admitted to shooting out the tires. He wishes he was. She is sick with grief. She tells Connie and Johnny they absolutely deserve each other as she runs off to meet the paramedics. Meanwhile, Connie tries to sneak off but Dante stops her. He knows all about her knocking out Starr and kidnapping Johnny. She tells him Johnny confessed to shooting out Anthony’s tires. He has her cuffed to the car but when the cops return she has picked the cuffs and is gone.

At the hospital Sabrina tells Liz about her night with Emma, Patrick’s near kiss and Britt’s naked arrival. They gossip until they get notice of the accident coming in. Kristina will not leave Trey’s side as Steve orders lab work. Liz takes Johnny to get stitches and when they are alone Starr collapses on Michael. He assures her they are okay and leaves to call their parents. Ellie is taken to a separate room. Sabrina gets her phone and leaves a message for Spin about the accident. Later, the doctor suspects there is a spinal injury.

Maxie and Spin have sex in her apartment. Afterwards, Spin is concerned they made a terrible mistake. He blames himself and the demon alcohol. He is concerned they hurt the baby but before she tells him the truth a call comes through from Ellie. He does not listen to the message and encourages Maxie to continue but when she tells him he is already passed out.

Todd and Carly bask in the afterglow in his bed. She wants to know what it means for them now. She asks if they are together. He has a hard time believing she would want a relationship with him considering his track record. They admit neither of them is perfect. He wants to move forward with her, and she is scared but happy. They celebrate going steady until Michael calls to tell them about the accident. "Connie happened," he says.

Back at the hospital Michael overhears Starr and Johnny talking about Cole and Hope and realizes what happened. Johnny insists he always cared about Starr. She screams and pounds on his chest. She hates him! Dante arrives and Johnny turns himself in. Todd and Carly show up and Starr tells them what Johnny did. He admits it is true but Carly can’t believe it is possible. She hopes he rots in hell. She holds onto Todd who locks eyes with Johnny. Later, Johnny asks Todd if he is going to bare his soul to Carly or should he do it for him. Meanwhile Connie sneaks in to see Trey.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Connie yells at the doctors to save Trey.

Carly demands to know why Todd should be afraid of Johnny. "Because I am about to blow his cover that’s why," he replies.

Alexis has a proposition for Shawn.

Sonny sees Kate.

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