After the countdown to midnight at the Haunted Star, Carly and Todd kiss before taking off. Dante and Lulu also kiss and leave Maxie a happy New Year’s message. They are so excited about the baby.

At the hospital, Britt tells Maxie she had a miscarriage. Britt assures her it was nothing she did and it is better it happened now. Distraught, Maxie wants to be the one to tell Lulu and she runs off.

Patrick leans in to kiss Sabrina on his couch but is interrupted by a call from Britt. Sabrina quickly gathers her things quickly while Patrick wishes Britt a happy New Year. He hangs up and asks Sabrina to wait so he can pay her. He needs more money from his room and asks her not to leave. Alone, Sabrina answers a knock at the door and it is Britt - naked. She accuses Sabrina of setting it up to be alone with Patrick. Britt shoves money into her hand and makes her go back to work. Patrick returns, confused by Sabrina’s sudden exit. Britt kisses him and tries to get his mind back on her. She begins to undo her coat but Patrick doesn’t want Emma to hear them. She suggests they try a hotel room again soon and he agrees. It is a new year and he is ready to move forward.

From the hospital roof Spin leaves Ellie a drunken voicemail about her no-show. Maxie comes up to the roof to see Spin and is surprised Ellie is not there. Spin notices Maxie is upset and blames the baby hormones. He insists they leave - he’ll take her anywhere she wants. She just wants to go home.

Lulu and Dante go to Maxie’s place and are worried because she is gone. Soon Spin and Maxie return. She tells them that she fell chasing off a dog that showed up. Lulu is worried something happened to the baby but Spin drunkenly assures her the baby is fine. Maxie would have told him otherwise. Maxie agrees with Spin and Dante and Lulu leave. Alone, Maxie wonders what happened while Spin wonders where Ellie is. Maxie begins to cry but Spin tells her everything will be okay. They kiss.

Ellie is hit by Connie’s speeding car as she walks along the highway. Michael, Starr, Trey and Kristina spin out trying to avoid Connie’s crashed car. They are all shaken but okay. Starr follows Connie’s voice to the cliff as Michael pops open her trunk with a crowbar to rescue Johnny. Michael gets Johnny out and then Trey calls him over. Kristina isn’t breathing! Trey does CPR until she comes back. Trey tells her he couldn’t live without her. They kiss, but then Trey collapses. Meanwhile, no one can hear Ellie’s weak call for help as she fights to stay conscious. She knows her condition is critical. At the cliff, Connie begs Starr for help as she hangs off the edge. Johnny hears them fighting and runs over as Starr is trying to release Connie’s grip. Without Connie they both will be free. Johnny finally tells Starr the truth. He shot out Anthony’s tires. He took Cole and Hope away. Connie screams out as she begins to slip and together they get her up. Starr smacks Johnny while Connie runs back to the car, looking for the girl she hit. Meanwhile, Michael finds Ellie’s phone, then finds Ellie.

Todd and Carly kiss in his room. As he gets drinks ready he worries about Starr. He wants to call her but Carly does not want him to ruin their moment. They start making out and before moving forward, they assure each other this is not just a way to get over Blair and Johnny. Carly thinks this thing with Todd is a new start for her and he agrees. They kiss again and go to the bedroom where Todd unzips her dress and they make it to the bed.

At work, Sabrina fondly looks at a picture of Emma and Patrick.

Back at the Haunted Starr, Dante and Lulu dance and think about the baby.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly says to Todd, "You swore to me there were no deep, dark secrets."

Lulu feels guilty that she and Dante can do what they want while Maxie is acting like a nun. Meanwhile, Maxie and Spin make out.

Starr and Michael find Ellie.

Kristina is worried Trey will die if they don’t get him to a hospital.

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