Emma interrupts Patrick planning New Year’s with Britt on the phone. He lets Sabrina in and they discuss the evening. Patrick appears to kiss Sabrina, but it is just her dreaming. Patrick leaves and Emma confides she’s concerned that Britt will be her new mommy and tells Sabrina she wants it to be her. Sabrina talks with Emma about Robin always being her mom.

Milo helps Spinelli set up on the hospital roof for his evening with Ellie. They discuss women and role-play Spinelli’s evening. Spinelli acts out all he will do that evening up to the point of viewing the Dog Star. Milo compliments Spinelli on his way with women but Spinelli wants to be a sex object too. They decide to help each other and Milo shares some strip moves with him. At midnight Spinelli is alone on the roof and calls Ellie.

Maxie answers a call from Lulu at the apartment annoyed she called again. Maxie asks Ellie if she is going out with Spinelli and Ellie says he is on his own tonight and the rest of his nights. Maxie apologizes for Christmas Eve and tries to talk Ellie into meeting Spinelli. Ellie gets dressed, thanks Maxie for getting through to her and leaves saying, "Wish me luck." Maxie hears a sound outside and finds a puppy. The dog gets comfortable in the apartment and Maxie comes in from the hall and falls.

Britt is done at the hospital when Michael brings Starr in a wheelchair. Michael tells Starr not to worry about Johnny and says the police can handle it from here. He calls Dante about Connie. Britt tells Starr she is fine. Britt rushes to the elevator in an elegant dress when a former child patient wishing her well throws up all over the back of her dress. Starr answers her cell phone and tells her father they are leaving the hospital and that she is okay. Britt calls Patrick to let her know she has another patient after Maxie comes in. Maxie apologizes for bothering Britt at the hospital and finds out she had a miscarriage.

Lulu toasts with Olivia and Steve at The Haunted Star when Olivia has a dog vision. Steve and Lulu become concerned as Olivia gets upset about the dog no one else can see. Todd and Carly show up. Todd doesn’t know why they would go to her ex-boyfriend’s club and jokes he’s being used to get to Johnny. Dante joins Lulu, Olivia and Steve and tells them Connie is on some kind of rampage. Todd and Carly join them and Dante tells them Johnny’s been kidnapped. Todd calls Starr to check on her. Todd and Carly start to argue but both agree that they are moving on. Lulu bumps into Patrick and tells him about Maxie being pregnant. Dante interrogates his mother about her visions. Steve and Lulu interrupt. Steve takes Olivia home to watch the ball drop. At midnight, Todd and Carly kiss, and Dante and Lulu kiss.

In the parking garage Trey talks with Connie. She mentions getting a new start too and tells him she and Johnny had a parting of ways. Kristina asks about the noises coming from the trunk. Connie says it is mice but Trey asks her to open the trunk. She claims the key doesn’t work and she’ll pop it from inside. Michael and Starr show up and see Kristina and Trey. Connie sees them and drives off. The four of them discuss what happened and Starr tells them Johnny is in the truck. They decide to go after Connie.

Patrick returns home and Sabrina wakes up. He invites her to stay to watch the ball drop. At midnight they move in for a kiss.

On the road Connie apologizes to Johnny in the trunk about driving fast. Michael chases after Connie with Starr, Trey and Kristina in the car. The fog is thick. Kristina tries to call the police. On the side of the road Ellie tries to get a signal to call Spinelli about her car breaking down. She’s walking when a call from Spinelli comes in. She screams in Connie’s headlights. Connie screams hitting the breaks. Starr yells for Michael to watch out and he hits the breaks.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Patrick tries to stop Sabrina from leaving.

Todd and Carly kiss in Todd’s room.

Maxie says Dante and Lulu are supposed to be parents.

Spinelli leaves a voicemail message for Ellie as she lies on the side of the road.

Michael, Trey Kristina and Starr are unconscious.

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