[General Hospital joined in progress 2:01 PM EST] Spinelli is looking at his phone.

Carly visits Michael’s apartment to wish him a Merry Christmas and drop off his gift. Starr listens in. He opens it and finds his ELQ voting proxy. Carly asks him not to ruin his future for A.J. after all his challenges, including prison, and he argues he won’t. They hug and as Starr comes out, Carly leaves. Starr asks which fathers' house they are going to. He then asks Starr to decide where they go. She says she will go anywhere as long as it isn’t her father’s and explains about the fake heart attack. She says she understands what Carly was saying. Michael asks how long she was listening to them and then explains to her what happened in prison. He discusses Abby and life after leaving prison. She thanks him for sharing and they kiss. She decides they should stay at the apartment for Christmas.

Connie visits her office, surprising Todd who’s worried about Johnny. Connie says not to worry and creates an imaginary noose gesture with her hand. Todd says, "Please tell me you didn’t kill Johnny." Carly shows up professing her hate for Connie after Connie leaves them alone. She tells Todd about going to Johnny’s and how Connie was the only one there claiming Johnny left town. She thinks Connie is hiding something. They end up discussing why they are alone and decide to spend Christmas together. They decorate his office.

At Maxie’s apartment Maxie chases Dante, Lulu and Ellie out to go to Sonny’s party. As soon as they leave she calls Spinelli who has just arrived at Sonny’s and asks him to come over due to an emergency. Spinelli arrives and she shares her worries about being pregnant, not being pregnant, or being pregnant with a puppy. She receives a call from Olivia checking in on her and tells her she is fine. Spinelli gets up to leave since there is no emergency and Maxie stands and bends over moaning. She says she has cramps and is worried.

At the Quartermaines, A.J. hopes Michael can join them for Christmas. Tracy wonders aloud if A.J.’s lying is not working on Michael. A.J. and Tracy argue back and forth and Monica holds up a CoeCoe cosmetic and tells A.J. she thinks she has figured out a way for them to break the tie in ELQ. They discuss Lucy Coe’s share and she walks in. Alice tries to drag her away as Monica argues with Lucy. Tracy and A.J. automatically start treating her like a queen. Monica explains to Lucy what they are really after. Lucy appreciates the situation. A.J. calls Michael.

Olivia is at the hospital screaming at Steve to help them. When he asks about what she is referring to she points to an empty area outside the elevators where only she can see Spinelli carrying in Maxie in a vision. Olivia says there is something obviously wrong with her grandbaby. After Olivia calls Maxie, Steve sends her to Sonny’s party. Later on Spinelli brings Maxie to the hospital. Steve calls Olivia and tells her that her vision came true. Dante, Lulu and Olivia show up and Maxie announces she is pregnant.

Kristina brings Trey to Sonny’s for Christmas Eve. When she says she likes being with him he asks, "Enough to move with me to L.A.?" Alexis and Shawn listen to Sonny’s concerns about a Christmas without Connie and the possibility of Michael having Christmas at the Quartermaine’s. Alexis assures him he is right letting Michael make his own decisions. Sonny won’t pressure Michael by calling to see if he is coming. He greets Kristina and Trey. Other partiers arrive. Max takes Ellie’s coat and Milo checks her out when she arrives with Dante and Lulu. Kristina tells Alexis Molly is at the soup kitchen. Olivia arrives and says her radar is a little off when he asks if she has any insight into what Michael might do. Ellie gets a text from Spinelli that he is delayed. Sonny toasts his guests, celebrating the coming baby for Dante and Lulu, and to remember Jason. He stops as Connie barges in to join them with a "Merry Freakin’ Christmas." Ellie receives another text from Spinelli that he is delayed again. Sonny tells Max and Milo it is Christmas, Connie can stay. She confronts Trey, but is nice to him. Sonny calls Michael. Outside Ellie bumps into Spinelli as she leaves Sonny’s and breaks up with him. Kristina joins Trey on the terrace and says she will go to L.A.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny receives some disappointing news from one of his children.

Connie is confronted by Starr.

Spinelli wants to discuss his future with Ellie.

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