At home, Maxie tells Spin they have a chance at their happily ever after. She thought her feelings were platonic, but watching Felicia with Mac made her realize she has been running away from him. "Consider my mind blown," he says. Unfortunately he couldn’t wait for her anymore and made a decision to move on with Ellie. She is wonderful and unexpected and he likes her. Maxie likes her too, but she loves Spin. He isn’t sure Maxie will still want him in a year when she is drawn to someone else unattainable. He slept with Ellie. He promised her she could trust him. Maxie doesn’t think he wants Ellie more than her. He just does not want to hurt her. She leaves in tears. Later, Ellie arrives and just wants to cuddle on the couch.

At the Haunted Star Lulu tells Dante about Olivia’s vision. She and Robert are trying to figure out who she saw now, but Olivia is more concerned about the baby. She offered to pay for the surrogacy. Dante tells her Sonny also offered to pay. She asks if he is okay with that and Dante really thinks Sonny wants to do something good for his family. It will be tricky between him and Sonny forever, but he is okay with letting him help them this once if she is. He gets a call and heads to the Quartermaine’s. Later, Maxie arrives in tears and tells Lulu that Spin picked Ellie.

At the penthouse AJ realizes Michael is fine and Tracy set him up to get him back in jail. Michael wants AJ to stay while he heads Tracy off, but Sam refuses to let him. Michael begs her to help him and she gives him 30 minutes. AJ thanks her too but she hopes Tracy’s plan works. He and Jason are brothers in name only and Jason would hate that he is using Michael. He just wants to make amends with Michael and wishes he could have had that with Jason. She assures him Jason is coming back to her and their son. AJ is shocked and begs to see the baby. She brings the baby down and AJ is happy for her. He really hopes Jason is alive and comes back. He asks to hold the baby. It would mean a lot if he could hold his brother’s son.

At the mansion Monica asks Tracy where AJ is. Tracy kicks his ankle monitor under the couch but Monica finds it. Tracy feigns concern, but AJ was always a disappointment. Monica realizes Tracy had something to do with this. Dante arrives for AJ and is about to put out an APB when Michael walks in. He tells them what Tracy had done and begs to just bring AJ home. Dante tries to convince Michael not to violate his parole and let AJ drag him down. Michael brings up the fact that Dante lied to save Sonny from prison. Dante does not want Michael in that same position and ask again where AJ is. Tracy pipes up that he is at Sam and Jason’s place. AJ is going to jail and when he does the house will go on the auction block and Tracy will be able to buy it and finally evict Monica.

Dante comes to the penthouse and arrests AJ. As he leaves AJ tells Sam that she and Danny will always have a friend in him if they want one.

Olivia and Liz finish the sketch at the hospital. Liz and Robert are shocked at the sketch of Faison. Robert explains that he is a master spy. Robert thought he was dead but they never found the body. Faison was fixated on Anna. Olivia just sees what is there and Robert thinks maybe Lavery really is Fasion. Anna despises him and the psycho may be using a different face. He wants to call Anna to warn her but realizes she might not believe him and worse, tell him. He can’t afford to tip him off and needs more proof. If Anna won’t come to him on his time table he will just take her.

Fake Duke and Anna kiss at his place and he wants to take it to the bedroom. She wants to slow down but he persists. She wants to have feelings for him but it is hard to put into words what is wrong. He assures her they could be happy again if she is willing. She thinks he is the same but different all at once. He hopes he has not fought his way back to her for nothing. She just asks for more time and kisses him again before she leaves. He knows they will be together in the end.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam tells John, "I don’t need you to stand in for Jason."

Robert tells Patrick, "I want to apologize if you will hear me out."

Monica tells Tracy, "I really can’t stand you." She replies, "Thank you. I feel the same about you."

Sonny asks Alexis, "I need you to find a way to get AJ Quartermaine away from my son."

Carly yells at Todd, "What if AJ goes free?"

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