Mac pulls Milo off the pool table at The Floating Rib and Connie follows them out the door. The ladies are grateful to Lulu for making Milo’s moves happen. Mac and Felicia congratulate Maxie for making the party a success and she hopes to use it as a way back at Crimson. Felicia thinks she should go see Spinelli and Lulu agrees. She tells Maxie she has to make the first move and this time, work at it. Meanwhile, Liz listens in as Kristina reminds Sam that she is still in love with Jason. Lulu returns to Liz to finish their conversation. Liz notices Sam is listening and tells Lulu that Jason kissed her. He has feelings for her and told her that he is about to sign the divorce papers and move forward with is new life with Liz. The timing has never been right but now they are both free. Sam walks out. Meanwhile, Starr approaches Kristina and tells her Trey is having problems with his mother. He would not tell her anything but maybe he will tell his wife.

Connie finds Milo behind the bar and jumps him. She is all over him when Olivia comes in and busts it up. She screams at Kate and then tells Milo to grab his clothes and get out of town if he is smart. Connie tries to convince Olivia she was hallucinating but Olivia is sure what she saw. Connie convinces her she must have been seeing Connie. They return to the party and Connie tells Maxie she did a great job. The position at Crimson is hers. Felicia and Mac think now is the time to see Spin and Maxie runs off. Olivia tells Lulu she had another episode. Shaken up, they leave. Mac and Felicia leave the keys with Connie when she asks. She cranks up the music and parties by herself with some whipped cream on the pool table.

At the poker game at Pazullo’s, Max lets the guys know Milo is working security at The Floating Rib. At the end of the hand, Spin gets up to text Ellie. He tells Jason she will convince him that Sam’s baby is still alive. Ellie arrives and Jason thinks she is an interesting girl. Spin likes her. Jason tells Ellie about the blood type snafu and she tells him it is impossible that the dead baby is Sam’s. Later, Sam drops off divorce papers to Jason. Spin asks Ellie out just as Maxie walks in. Meanwhile, Michael and Dante talk about Starr’s living situation. Dante does not want them involved with Trey, a hustler with an agenda. Michael tells Dante about his attack on Trey in Vegas. Dante wants Michael to be careful because of his record. Michael is trying hard to stay out of it. Later, Milo returns and tells Max the truth about what happened. Max tells Milo he has to keep it from Sonny if he wants to live.

Trey refuses Sonny’s money in his office. Sonny pulls out the medallion and asks Trey if he recognizes his daddy’s medal. Trey doesn’t deny it. Sonny tells Trey he is going to do as he is told and divorce Kristina. Trey won’t divorce her ever and accuses Sonny of stealing from his family and killing McBain’s sister. He assures Sonny he did not prey on Kristina but Sonny does not believe it. Joe has Trey in over his head so this is his last chance to tell him where Joe is. He pulls a gun on Trey. Trey tells Sonny he wants his medal back. Sonny thinks it is Joe’s, but Trey tells him that Kate ripped it off him the other day. Trey leaves as Dante comes in leaves. Sonny tells him party’s over.

Sonny goes to The Floating Rib, but it is empty except for a bottle of whipped cream.

Starr and Kristina get home and Trey is there. They can tell he is upset.

Johnny thinks about his deal with Connie at the Haunted Star and throws his passport in a bag. Carly arrives and he tells her he wants to leave the country with her. All they have to do is life the anchor and set sail. They can take Joss, hop around and settle where no one can find them. She demands to know what is going on. She can’t just sail away with Jax’s daughter and Lulu’s club. He tells her that after Jerry’s threat he realized he wanted to go where no one would hurt them. She assures him one day they will. He hopes by then it won’t be too late. She has to leave and makes him promise not to leave without her. he agrees. Later, Connie shows up and he begs her not to do this.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz tells Jason, "Sam is dating John McBain."

McBain tells Sam, "I am alone again." She replies, "That makes two of us."

Kristina screams at Trey, "Why the hell would I believe you about anything?"

Olivia confronts Connie in her wedding dress and says, "You are not Kate, you are Connie."

Max warns Milo. "The boss can’t know anything about this." Sonny walks up and says. "Know anything about what?"

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