At the hospital Sabrina complains to Patrick about clearing feeding trays. Patrick interrupts Sabrina’s apology for interrupting his date with Brit the night before, and thanks her for her help with Emma. Brit eavesdrops and interrupts to say she’s happy things worked out with his daughter. When Patrick leaves, Brit angrily asks an incredulous Sabrina how she can trust her to look after her patients if she can’t handle a small child? After accusing Sabrina of wanting Dr. Drake for herself, Sabrina imagines throwing oatmeal in her face.

At Kelly’s, Carly walks in and gets sarcastic with Liz and reveals that Sam only signed the divorce papers because she saw the kiss Jason and Liz shared. Liz says the timing is never right and insists that Sam and Jason will not get back together. Jason walks in and asks what’s going on. Carly leaves and Liz tells him the DNA results come today.

At the Floating Rib Alexis and Jax talk about his divorce from Carly and her moving on with Johnny. Alexis says Johnny seems devoted but Jax argues that Todd and Johnny are hiding something big from her. They discuss Jerry and his infatuation with Alexis. She thanks Jax for being the best friend she’s ever had. They kiss.

On the phone at Manning Enterprises, Todd talks to Johnny who says his associates have tracked Heather south but he isn’t saying anything until Todd comes up a solution for Connie. When Johnny warns both women have enough information to bury them both, Todd agrees to make sure Connie’s digging days are done if Johnny gets Heather to his office in three hours. Johnny exits his apartment and a bag is thrown over his head.

Kate meets Sonny at his office – both are excited about getting married. They argue about her connection with Johnny, but Kate, almost in tears insists she didn’t have options. Sonny says fine, kisses her and she leaves. Once outside, a bag is thrown over her head. When Sonny leaves, he finds her necklace on the ground.

At Sonny’s office, two thugs bring Johnny to face Sonny who says they have to get a few things straight about Connie. Sonny tells Johnny that if Kate wants to get married at The Haunted Star then fine, but he’ll never forget what they did. He tells Johnny to come to him if Kate ever comes to his door again.

Two thugs bring Connie to face Todd at Manning enterprises. She threatens Sonny will kill him for this. They argue about using DID to get what they want. Todd says it’s time for her to say goodbye – she’s a wild card. Connie get desperate and says she's suspicious Johnny has something on him.

Shawn meets Carly at Kelly’s. She tells him she signed the divorce papers even though Jax will always be a part of her life. While Shawn has his doubts, she says Johnny is open, honest and she loves him. She later reveals to Shawn that Jax and Alexis were married.

At the hospital, Liz comes into a room with the DNA results and hands them to Jason. Jason says this could change everyone’s life and is about to open the envelope when Liz quickly grabs them and says "Wait!" She promises to always help him. He opens the envelope. Later, Patrick apologizes to Brit for the fiasco their date turned out to be. They try reschedule. Sabrina overhears and offers to babysit again to the dismay of Brit. Patrick agrees with Sabrina and firms up his date with Brit. When Patrick leaves, Brit accuses Sabrina of wanting Dr. Drake for herself again. Sabrina images grabbing Brit by the hair and sending her to bed pan duty. Back to reality, Brit warns Sabrina no interruptions this time from her or Emma. Elsewhere, Jason frustratedly turns to Liz and says that the DNA is not a match. Defeated, he says he was wrong.

At Manning enterprises, Connie asks Todd what’s lower than causing a little kid’s death. Connie says if she dies she isn’t the only one going down. Connie swears she won’t tell that Johnny is a killer – she’s afraid to go the looney bin. Todd admits getting rid of Connie has its perks but he is tempted to stick it to Johnny. He calls his goons. Connie is yelling. Johnny arrives asking where Heather is. He spots Connie. Todd leaves and Connie threatens Johnny.

At the Floating Rib, Jax and Alexis play pool. Jax tells Alexis Shawn better treat her right. They say they’ll miss each other if he leaves Port Charles. They leave to meet Carly and Shawn at Kelly's.

At Kelly’s Shawn is telling a surprised Carly about Alexis' wild side when Alexis and Jax walk in. Shawn joins Alexis and they leave Kelly's. Jax and Carly are emotional about the divorce and argue about Johnny's secrets. They admit it is hard to say goodbye. They hug. Outside, Alexis and Shawn admit there’s a lot they don’t know about each other.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate's bachelorette party kicks off thanks to Maxie.

Tracy is drawn to Joe Jr.

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