At Johnny’s, Carly is still confused why Kate wants her wedding at the Haunted Star. He thinks they have more pressing issues. He is craving Chinese, and not from the nearby restaurant either. He wants the Noodle Buddha across town. She offers to get it and after she leaves, Johnny starts plotting how to shut Connie down.

Brit runs into Liz at the hospital elevators as she leaves for her date with Patrick. She heard Keenan tried to kill Liz. Liz tells her she is interested in someone else but he is not available. Brit tells her to make him available.

When Jason and Sam break apart from their kiss at the Noodle Buddha he finds the divorce papers. He noticed she signed but immediately gets a text from John telling him he has the DNA at GH. Jason tells Sam this can’t wait and rushes off. Carly arrives and Sam shows her the divorce papers. Jason and Liz have reconnected. Carly lights into her over her double standard and hopes John McBain knows what he is getting into. Carly doubts Jason wants the divorce to be final. Sam has all the power and could have him back. But if it is over, let it be over. Sam thinks they might be meant to be.

Jason meets John at the hospital and hands off the DNA. Jason runs into Liz on the way to the lab. He tells her everything. She is so excited he could give that gift to Sam, returning a child she thought was dead. She’ll submit it under her name so there are no problems and leaves with the sample. Later, she returns and tells him she put a rush on the sample and hopes he gets everything he wants. Outside the room, she has a strange look on her face.

Anna has Todd in the holding room at PCPD while she looks through his phone. He denies a relationship with Heather but she pulls up his "crazy calling" ringtone for her. She thinks it is catchy. She wonders if Heather has reached out to him since her escape. She used her only phone call on him once. He even came down here and supported her. Johnny calls Todd and tells him to get his ass over there now. Anna, watching intently, lets him go. Later, Anna tells John about her time with Todd. She can prove he visited Heather in Ferncliff. Why would Todd jump to her bidding? John has a theory and if it is true, it will explain everything. He wants to be there when she slaps the cuffs on Manning.

Todd visits Johnny at his place. He needs Todd’s help with Connie. He’ll think of something while Johnny finds Heather. Todd leaves. Carly comes back and tells Johnny about her run-in with Sam. She hopes she tears up the papers and everything that was wrong with Sam and Jason will be put right.

Connie hides the papers she had Johnny sign when Sonny comes home. He asks about them and she tells him they are a surprise. Maxie comes in with an update about her progress with the Noodle Buddha and The Floating Rib. Sonny is surprised – this isn’t like Kate. Maxie tells him he is right. It’s Kate integrated with Connie. Connie rushes her out. Maxie just took her suggestions too far. Sonny tries to persuade her to go upstairs but she begs off. In fact, she is going to move back home before the wedding. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. She kisses him goodnight but outside she wipes her mouth.

Running late at home, Patrick calls Brit to have her meet him at The Floating Rib. He opens the door shirtless, causing Sabrina to drop all of her books. Emma is wary about his date and about Sabrina. Patrick leaves and Emma does not want anything but her daddy. Sabrina spies Patrick and Robin’s wedding picture and hurts for them.

At The Floating Rib, Patrick introduces Brit to Mac, and she makes sure to clarify that they are on a date. She asks for a wine list, and Mac offers her the house red or white. Patrick excuses himself and apologizes to Mac. He tells Patrick that Robin would want him to move on. At the table Brit answers Patrick’s phone but won’t let Emma talk to him and hangs up. Mac brings out their food, including Brit’s non-vegetarian dish. Sabrina calls again. Emma has locked herself in the closet. Patrick leaves and Brit seethes.

Patrick returns home. He apologizes to Emma while Sabrina gets chocolate milk for them. Emma opens up to her and Patrick seems happy. They ask her to stay and she does.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Liz, "The more you invest the worse it is going to hurt when Jason goes back to Sam." Jason walks in and says, "Hey, what’s going on?"

Jax tells Alexis, "Johnny and Todd Manning, they are keeping something from Carly."

Over the phone, Todd tells Johnny, "You get Heather Webber to my office and I will make sure that Connie’s digging days are done."

Connie is grabbed on the street and has a bag pulled over her head.

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